"nose-over" gutter guard.


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"nose-over" gutter guard.

I've finally decided I'm getting too old (or maybe it's too lazy) to lug a ladder around the house digging out leaves 2-3 times a year and want to get gutter guards put up.

I've had three people come by, all with different systems.

Once was basically a sturdy plastic with many slits. It would keep leaves out but smaller twigs would get in.

The other was a metal guard with many holes in it. That one looked pretty promising and would appear to keep out everything except granules from the shingles (which not gutter guard will do).

The third was a solid piece of metal. The very end of the flat section kind of wrapped around. The theory is water would flow across the solid piece of metal then be "sucked into" the gutter (there's a scientific term for this, but it escapes me now).

That one looked the best, but I'm not sure if it really works. Does anyone
out there have experience with this type of gutter guard system?

We plan on replacing the whole gutter system since it's 5" gutters, is 15 years old and it just doesn't make sense spending the money on gutter guards for gutters we'll probably end up replacing in a few years anyway.


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I'm partial to the aluminum type with the holes that does NOT go under the shingles at all. They are cheap, easy to remove when needed, and effective. The only thing that tends to get in them are pine needles.

The kind that go under the shingles aren't very good unless the gutters are at just the right height. Shingles can be damaged if they are retrofit.

Gutter helmet is just very expensive. That's why I like the kind with the holes... cheap, easy, effective. I think I did my parents entire house for under $100 in materials because there was a great sale on them at the time. Their gutters were pretty old but are seamless... after i cleaned them I changed all the hangers to the screw-in style and put on the gutter guards. I bet they will last for 20 more yrs.
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The term you were looking for is surface tension I believe.

I used the 36" vinyl with the holes that slide under an inch or so of the shingles and sort of snap on to the front lip of the gutter. Never had any issues in 10 yrs back in VA. Even left a large enough gap in the center or the end away from the downspout that I could use a hose on jet stream and wash out whatever got through the holes.
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I installed the roll over type on a client's house. They use surface tension to move the water into the gutter and seemed to work well. I checked after all the leaves fell this year and the gutters were clean. HOWEVER, the small gap left between the roll and the gutter edge crud up and becomes partially occluded. After a couple of years of not being cleaned, the water will not move back into the gutter properly and will sheet off. We took the pressure washer over and cleaned just the gap and it restored the action of surface tension. SO it is a toss up. We have too many pine trees to use the perforated ones here. The gutters look line porcupines most of the year and you have to pick the needles out one by one.
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I tried covering a section of gutter with a DIY version of Gutter Helmet. The demo in the store looked better than other caps I've seen in use...but...didn't work for me. My gutters are mounted lower on the fascia board and makes the cap too steep. This accelerates the water and it shoots off the nose rather than follow it over & down into the gutter. I guess that's the "gotcha" of that type of cap.
If your gutters are attached close to the drip edge they may work well for you.

I have many pines around my cottage so any caps with perforations, coarse screen or foam just collect needles--which then snag twigs & leaves.
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I have never used or had installed any of the solid types of gutter tops so no experience.

Every house we have owned was in a wooded setting so got lots of leaves!

However, over the past 30 years I have tried every other type of gutter cover, plastic mesh, expanded metal panels, plastic panels with holes, plastic panels with slots.

In this last house I tried the foam type, thing it's called "gutter stuff" or some variation. It actually worked better than any of the others.

Easy to install, easy to trim, a few leaves get stuck but everything else did also.

After 5 years I replaced the sections that were at the inside corners where the valleys came down. Those did get a crust from the grit off the shingles.

I would install these again!!

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