Turbine (Whirie-Bird) vs Ridge vent


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Turbine (Whirie-Bird) vs Ridge vent

I just bought a 1300 sq ft home with an asphalt shingle roof on a Hip Roof. It has no ventilation on top. I wanted to install a couple of 12" turbines, so I called a supposedly reputable roofing company & he is suggesting a ridge vent system initially on the phone. He is supposed to come by later today to look at the roof & give a quote etc, etc.

So, Ridge Vent or 12" two turbines? Advice please.

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Post a picture of the roof.
Are there any soffit vents?
A turban would be my last choice for venting, there ugly, leave trapped air in the rafter bays, would blow off in a hurricane.
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As Joe said, ridge vent would only be part of the system. What else would be involved?
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This man is wearing a turban.

This is a turbine ventilator.
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I have a hip roof and turbines which is fine for me, however I live in a very mild climate and also have air conditioning.

I would ask the contractor how they plan to draw air in.
I'm no insulation expert but you may need some kind of dams to block the insulation and direct the air flow from the soffit vents into the attic and then out.
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I would add that turbines can be noisy, especially when they start to wear out.
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Turbine vents only work if the wind is blowing. Dead calm and they are no better than any other passive vent.

In most cases a combination of soffit venting with ridge venting is the best method. Remember also that attic temperatures will normally be 20 to 40 degrees higher than outside temperatures. Using light-colored roofing can help significantly in keeping attic temperatures reasonable.
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Mines on it's 2nd roof cover, installed about 33yr's ago. I like the sound it makes during a winter blizzard. Hear that thing cranking while your warm below.
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Hi Dixie,
They can install hip ridge vents if the upper ridge is too short. As mentioned a turbine vent is rather open, you can look up right through them, and if raining and no wind they may leak.

Are you looking to cool the attic to help cool the house. Insulation is the preferred method along with the standard high and low natural ventilation.

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