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Lowering Aluminum Gutters; Are Gutters Fixable/Able to Be Disassembled?

Lowering Aluminum Gutters; Are Gutters Fixable/Able to Be Disassembled?

Old 10-26-17, 04:02 PM
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Lowering Aluminum Gutters; Are Gutters Fixable/Able to Be Disassembled?

I have a big project—for me. I need to lower our aluminum gutters on our steel building home so I can properly install our new gutter guards. So far as I can tell, they weren’t installed correctly in the first place. There does not seem to be a proper slope and one of the runs is way too long for just two downspouts. But, they've been up about 17 years so I guess they work. There is no way I can add another downspout anyway. There is no where for the water to go--it is in the middle of a cement sidewalk which has a solid cement wall opposite the house, running the full length of the house.

So, for starting, we have one long run on the back that is about 97 feet with a spout on either end. They are nailed in through the steel fascia into the wood behind it. I did find a great video for how to get these nails loose on Youtube.

What I was hoping is maybe you could tell me how you'd go about it or give me your best tips.

I've looked at some sites and videos about installing the stuff in the first place. I was thinking maybe I could just try to take out a bunch of the nails on the 97 foot run, caulk the old holes well, and maybe when I've taken enough out it will sag enough for me to drill new holes at a decent pitch. I plan to use the large screws this time instead of the nails/spikes. Then, it will have a proper slope and I'll have enough space to put the guards on, which are supposed to be sloped as well so that leaves and other debris will slide off instead of just lying on top. Does this sound viable at all or just wishful thinking?

On the front I need to replace a few sections of the gutter where some snowfall ripped off the old gutter guards and just did too much damage to bend the aluminum back into good shape. Will I be able to break the sections apart and reuse some of them, they are not all bent up, some look fine, or will the sealant be too strong to separate them? I hate the idea of wasting good materials.

Please tell me what you’d do. I’m just trying to figure out how to reinvent the wheel so to speak. I’m sure people have dealt with these exact kinds of problems before!

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New seamless gutters are about $4.50/ft installed... I think you would be ahead if the game to just hire that part to be done, then put up your gutter guard if you want to. It will take 4 guys to put up that 90+ foot run... and if you currently have the type of gutters that have field joints, a seamless gutter will be a huge improvement.

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That would be nice! And yes, I think it'd be tons easier. I'll look into it and talk it over with my grandmother. But, I would love to save some of that money for her. Even if I had to go out and buy a bunch of wood to build free standing supports I think I could still pull it off for a lot less than that. It would just take a lot of time which I have for now.

How can they even deliver a seamless piece of material 90+ feet long?
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They roll form it onsite from the coil. So narrow roll of metal inside the truck feeds into the forming machine near the tailgate and the finished gutter goes out the back as long as they can.
Kind of like those playdough presses

Edit: for your viewing pleasure: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=55hwNLlbp1E

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