Roof leak - Valley makes heavy cascade during rain


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Roof leak - Valley makes heavy cascade during rain

Greetings! Could use some insight on what to do. I can't seem to find an example of a similar roof so I would like your opinion on troubleshooting a leak that is causing water to rise up and over the fascia and leak into the attic over/onto the soffit board ( The decking looks to be ok). In the picture below, the red arrow indicates where the water gushes down during a rain. The red rectangle indicates the soffit seam and soffit vent that leak water as well.

The gutters do have filters put into them and though they are clean, they may not simply be handling the rush of water well. Does it sound like the gutters need to be realigned? Should I rip out the filter? Would a water diverter help? I am open to all suggestions!

Roof exterior
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Attic leak (water pooling on sides of joists and where fascia/soffit meet - also sorry for the quality, was hard to balance myself + camera + flashlight )
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Soffit/fascia leaks
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That is a lot of roof area and the downspouts look small so I would assume your gutters are full and that is the low spot in the gutter. 3x4 outlets and downspouts can handle almost twice the volume that 2x3's can. So changing to 3x4 downspouts would be #1.

Also don't know if there is another downspout that isn't pictured to the left (off the photo to the left) but anytime the downspouts are located a long ways from a valley (where the majority of the water volume occurs) you can run into problems. If there is no downspout left of whats pictured you should add one.

Changing to larger gutters is also an option. Yours are likely 5" k-style. You can have 6" k-style made... just a little larger and can handle more water.

Finally, depending what kind of gutter guards you have, they can slow water and cause overflowing. If you have the foam blocks that pretty much fill up the gutter, they can do that. Or some types that deflect can actually cause water to deflect right behind the gutter. And certain types just don't perform well when overwhelmed by a lot of water... they can only handle a percentage of it... the rest deflects off. All depends what kind of flashing you have behind the gutter. "Gutter apron" is preferred over "d-style" drip edge because gutter apron is longer and actually flashes the back of the gutter better.

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