Gutters, leaves, shingle overhang and cleaning

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Gutters, leaves, shingle overhang and cleaning

Curious if my situation is normal.

On our old and new roof, & gutters the gutters are 4" front to back and the shingle overhang is about 2". So about 1/2 of the gutter is covered by shingles.

I am cleaning the gutters 2 - 3 times a fall and spring. Typically during / right after a heavy rain when I realize they need to be cleaned - because water is pouring over the front of most of the length of gutters (and who knows what's going on behind the gutter into the facia?).. We don't have overhanging trees - just tall trees that are no closer than 30 - 40' from the house.

That 2" overhang of the gutters is large, right? For whatever reason the people doing the new roof last year just copied what was there regarding overhang? (they didn't do a good job overall, so this is just 1 more thing on the list).

1) And nothing we can really do about that now? I thought about taking down the gutters, adding another layer of facia board and remount the gutters to have them farther from the house? worth the trouble? And I think, but know it woudl look like crap / cause other issues - what about cutting back the shingle overhang : ) ?

Typically, the back of my hands get scratched up from rubbing against the shingles because of the tight fit.

My thinking is that with such a small opening of the gutters, leaves wouldn't get in there as easily?! But that's certainly not the case. Then I think - obviously they DO get in there and once in ther, there's no way they get blown back out through the small opening.

2) would you think a bigger unobstructed size of the top of the gutters that they would be at least a little more self cleaning from wind (and might be the argument for extending the facia thickness / cut shingles?

3) are you cleaning your gutters several times a season? Any rule of thumb on when you do it? again, we do NOT have trees overhanging the house. Just tall trees in the area / along property line and farther away. wind just carries all of them.

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There's no good reason for having shingles hang over by that much!
I'd be snapping a chalk line and cutting them back with snips.
Then installing rain fall type gutter guards.
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Thanks I meant to question about do you guys Use gutter guards and which ones
Here in New Jersey though it seems like itís either a deluge or a drought. Do those gutter guards you link linked to catch a deluge? And if youíre going to use those gutter guards why bother cutting back the shingles?
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The typ residentual gutter is 5", your drip edge is 1" and the reccomended overhang of the shingle is 1/2" so there should be 3 1/2" of opening.

If the new roof over hang is greater it's not tecnically an issue they just were a little sloppy in lining up the starter shingle.

It can be trimmed but it's a pain, snapping chalk lines, using hook blades, tearing shingles since it's such a narrow cut.

BTW, if you do cut them do it in the summer when they are softer!!

Personally I would just get something to cover the gutters and be done with it!

Over the past 30 years I have tried every frigging type of cover, screen, panel etc and the only one I would ever re-install is Gutterstuff/Gutterguard!

The fact your shingles are overhanging so much means this is also about the only material you will be able to get in there with min space!
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Yes looking at theReviews I see is as many One star as i do five star. you like these though?
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A knife is the easiest way to cut shingles when you're laying them, but, since this is after the fact, I would go with snips, as Joe mentioned. And yes, I would definitely cut them back. You mentioned a deluge, and in a case like that the water needs an opportunity to fall, otherwise it's going to shoot right past the gap and end up along your foundation. Yes, it's a little bit of a chore, but it's all on the front end, once it's done it's done, then add your choice of gutter protection and you've just saved yourself a lot of time going forward. I'm not a big fan of PVC so went with their metal screen type guards, but Amerimax has a pretty wide variety and is readily available. And of course there are plenty of other brands as well. Different people have different experiences, but I've come to the conclusion that most of them do work.
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I would cut them back.
A few hours doing this will save the back of your hands.
You now basically have a 2 inch gutter and if that was a good idea then that is what everyone would install.

The best guards I have found are EasyOn Gutter Guard. I think I bought them from Costco.
They show installing them flat on the top of the gutters but I pushed them up under the shingles and then attached with screws to the front of the gutter. Then even shingle grit would roll off just did not look as nice done this way.
If installed flat you might have to seep off the grit every couple years.
They now make them with a self stick for the front of the gutter but I would not use that because if you ever had to take them off you are screwed.

This was at the lake so we had leaves but the big problem was pine needles.
Other guards just collected and plugged with the needles.
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