Teaching an old dog new tricks? Controls Upgrade? Comfort R

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Cool Teaching an old dog new tricks? Controls Upgrade? Comfort R

Hi everybody. Looking to see if anyone has done this or maybe give me suggestions. I've posted on here before when I was thinking about upgrading the controls on my AC systems.
I have 2 - American Standard Allegiance 16 2-Step Condensers. Upstairs is a 2 ton, the downstairs is a 4 ton. They are non-communicating systems. The original thermostats were Honeywell copycats. 7 day programmable. Fan = on/off/circulate. No humidity controls or readouts. I upgraded them to Ecobee 3's almost 2 years ago, they've been replaced with Ecobee 4's (got them for free trade in). The air handlers are gas furnaces American Standard Freedom 80 Comfort R. From this forum and from user Houston, I noticed that AS / Trane has different wiring for 2 step condensers that will vary by tonnage ( at least that what I understood). The upstairs is wired y1 to Ylo to 1st step on condenser, Y2 to Y to 2nd Step on compressor. The downstairs, being that its a 4ton, is wired y1 to Y to 1st step, and Y2 to BK terminal to 2nd Step outside. I have scouted these forums and have tried every single jumper setting there is. I may be at my limitation of my equipment but I am looking for more dehumidification. WITH THAT being said, I also have 2 Aprilaire 1700 whole house dehumidifiers, 1 connected to each AC system. But I will get back to that later.

SOO... Everything I have read about the BK terminal on these boards control the variable speed blower. The downstairs unit set to 400CFM per ton will blink 13 times ( 80% of the 1600cfm ) and then on second stage blinks 16 times. I honestly don't hear the change in speed on the fan, maybe I wont being that its only 300 cfm. I would really like the Comfort R fan step profile to work but I've tried the dip switches on and off and it still calls for the 13/16 CFM. Maybe someone knows the trick to get the Comfort R working for me?

My other option I've been wondering about is getting the American Standard XL thermostats and getting the 24v relay panel BAY24VRPAC52DBA then wiring that upto my current boards. I'm trying to get the dehumidify on demand feature with the AS thermostats.
Would that be an option?

Since I mentioned I have two whole house dehumidifiers you're probably wondering " why don't I just use those?!?" The upstairs AC with Dehumidifier work fine. The upstairs unit being a 2 ton does 50% of air flow for Stage 1, 100% air flow for Stage 2. The dehumidifiers call for the HVAC blower to run when it turns on. The downstairs however, when it runs I notice the humidity actually increases. I'm guessing the blower fan is ramping upto full speed and circulating more of the humid air than the dryer air the dehumidifier is putting out.

I know I've stated a lot in the post. If you are still reading this and your eyes aren't bleeding. I thank you! Any suggestions, comments are welcome.
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Comfort R does not change the CFM output.
The fan bangs in to the speed with it turned off and it quietly ramps up to speed with it turned on.

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