Jetted tub-no access!!

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Jetted tub-no access!!

Hi!! We have a new home and we are NOT DIYers lol

In the main bath we have a jetted tub but it's not working ;( I checked the panel box and nothin appears tripped but I did switch the tub breaker on and off anyway to be sure but nothing. When the timer for the tub is turned on I can hear the ticking from the timer but no sound at all from the tub. So, from what I understand anything I'd need to do to fix this would I would need access to the pump and power and stuff around the tub in order to fix it but it doesn't seem that they left and access panel when they installed the tub!! I'm wondering if there is a usual place where the access panel should be so when I blindly cut a hole in my wall hopefully I'll gain access to the right place when I do!! And second what sort of things should I be checking once I get access?? Right now I'm hoping that I'll get access and find the plug is unplugged cause that's somethin I know how to fix lol

The front of the tub is the tub (as in its not the type that needs to be encased) in front of the tub is the bathroom wall and behind the tub is a closet but none of these areas seem to have an access panel
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Welcome to the forums.

It would be an absolute sin if a proper access point was not left.
I would say check in the closet but you already have.

There should be a GFI protection point..... just like there should be an access door.... and you may find that tripped.

There is no "usual" place for the equipment to be under the tub.
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A picture of your tub would help us spot a possible access location.

It is a sin to not have an access but I see it too often. Access panels are "inconvenient" to install and not pretty so I see it a lot in spec houses. Sometimes the skirt in front of the tub can be removed. Look closely for screws or if there is molding around the perimeter try removing that. If the tub is on a wall look on the other side of the wall (like inside an adjoining closet) for an access panel.

If you can't find an access I'd be cutting through the wall to gain access. Have you ever heard the tub/spa run? If so do you remember where the sound came from to have some idea where the pump and controls may be located? You want to avoid cutting in a useless access hole.
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If you have inset decorative panels on the side of the tub that is exposed, give them a good tug. Jacuzzi brand often attaches those panels with Velcro and they pull right off to give you access to the pumps and controls. Other brands may do something similar. If you know the brand and model, you can usually find the manual on line and it will show how to remove any access panels that are part of the tub surround.

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