Slow draining toilet(s)

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Slow draining toilet(s)

So yesterday our toilet in the main part of the house, when flushed, would fill almost all of the way up with slow swirling and then drain very slow. Basically no force at all. It empties almost all the way with a small little giggle at the end. I check the toilet in the master bathroom, same floor otherside of the house, and it worked just fine.

I tried plugging the problem one several times with no results. I poured at bucket of water in it with the same result. I figured I would have to go get a snake after doing some online searching for advice. Sounded like it might be a partial clog in the trap.

This morning, the master bathroom toilet has now started doing the same thing. So I'm wondering if it's even worth it to go get a snake. Will it just be a waste of time. What could be the real issue? Any suggestions would be welcome.
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It sounds like you have a clogged drain line. A toilet snake likely will not help. Easiest is to find a clean out in your drain piping, remove the cap and snake/auger from there. If you don't have a clean out fitting one can be added or a toilet can be removed and the line snaked using the toilet's drain line. Often this requires a tool larger than what the average homeowner has. Occasionally a simple drain rod will work but often it requires a powered auger which you can buy, rent or hire a pro to do.
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If I'm reading your thread correctly, it sounds like you have a mainline blockage. Like the gentleman said if you don't have an outside clean out to snake from you'll have to pull a toilet and snake from there.
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Are you on town/city 'piped' sewer service, or are you on your own septic system? If you are on your own septic system I sure hope you have been doing regular maintenance.

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