Hot water in bathtub vs shower

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Hot water in bathtub vs shower

I love a relaxing bath. Unfortunately it's a pain to run a bath because I run out of hot water at about 3 inches (garden tub). So I have to wait awhile then run the rest of the bath. And it's not even as hot as I would like it. Meanwhile I could take a 25 minute shower in the same bathroom and not only will I never run out of hot water, it gets scalding hot. So I'm careful not to turn it too far. Why is this happening? There's always been a difference but not this noticeable. Gas water heater. Thanks for the help.
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When you take a shower you're using the hot water at a slower rate allowing the water heater to recover as you're using the water.

With the bathtub the water is coming out at full rate.

It could be a sign that your water heater is clogged up with minerals.
How old is it ?
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Yeah knowing the age of the tank is a good starting point. I've heard stories that when the bottom element stops working, there are two symptoms: not much hot water, and it gets scalding hot. I can see how you would have less hot water, but never understood why it would be scalding hot. Unless somehow the water around the element is being pulled into the pipe, instead of mixing with other water in the upper section of the tank. Where I live insurance companies require the hot water tank to be replaced every 10 years.

On another note, if there is a floor drain where the hot water tank is, you can buy a small tank dyke to put your new tank in, and attach a hose and run the hose to the floor drain. That way someday down the road if/when your tank starts leaking, you won't have a mess when you come home.

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