Recaulking Corian shower

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Recaulking Corian shower

Our Corian shower has started to leak at one edge. We think that the point of leakage is the old caulking in the shower pan. Our suspicion is on the corner closest to the leak. We tested this by duct taping on top of a 3 inch section of the old caulking and the leak has apparently stopped completely. So now we would like to recaulk the shower pan.

Our plan is to preclean the shower with soap and water, remove the old caulking with a plastic tool, clean the exposed area thoroughly with ethanol and then apply the new caulk. We would like to use a 100% silicone like GE silicone II CLEAR as the caulk.

So our questions are:

Is the process described above adequate to get a good seal? Anything that we should do differently?

Is the GE silicone II caulk appropriate? We've seen DAP being recommended for Corian on the web. The installer used "DuPont Surfaces Sealant for Corian, Zodiaq..." caulk which may be 100% silicone.

Should we use a fine grit sandpaper (like 400+ grit) on the Corian to thoroughly prep the surface prior to recaulking?

And a perhaps off topic question:
Why does DuPont recommend professional installation for Corian?

--- Thanks for your advice!
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I recommend the 100% silicone, preferably translucent white (tranny white) but that might be hard to find for you. It's not white, it takes on surrounding colors.
Clean the area with denatured alcohol and use the alcohol and cloth rags for wiping off excess silicone.
If you know the original installer you might want to call them or any provider. The install should be guaranteed for 10 years AFAIK (hence the requirement for pro install).

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