Installing a new toilet - part 3 of my (admittedly self-inflicted) journey

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Installing a new toilet - part 3 of my (admittedly self-inflicted) journey

Thanks to all that have helped me with my issues with a blue 37 year old toilet that was leaking at the tank/bowl connection.

We put in a new Kohler Wellworth toilet (went with that from and on the recommendation of a friend that works at a supply house).

Some questions:

Which hose routing is more reliable? Shorter with bends at the connection or longer with less bends at the connections, but longer.

The directions talk of putting the tank on the bowl and tighten the nuts with washers. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN (that is exactly how they say it). WTF is over or under tightened? I called Kohler and they said hand tight and 1/4" more turn.

That is sooo subjective, right? I wound up doing that. Then add water to the tank and the nuts are loose. I tightened the nuts by hand again and then some amount of turn by wrench.

There was a bit of a slow leak. I tightened the nuts on the 3 tank bolts and it stopped. Would you be happy with that? I kinda want to know I wont' come home to a flood / leak 1 day because someone bumped the tank and the bolts weren't tightened enough.

In the wellworth (and others?) the 3 bolts are already mounted in a rubber contraption and the heads do NOT sit on the inside tank surface - they stick up into the tank, wrapped in this rubber contraption. I guess i could crank down the bolts to bring the heads closer to the ceramic tank bottom. But that doesn't sound right also?

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Also, in the center of tank, is that hollow tube. at the top, is that hose coming off the fill mechanism. there's a very slow drip coming out of that hose (only when filling) is that normal / acceptable / by design?


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The loop in the longer hose is ok.

The drip when filling is not ok.

The 3 bolts that you tightened should be ok now.

A moderator can rotate your pics.
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If the tank wobbles (usually front to back) then you need to tighten the bolts more. The worry of over tightening is so the ceramic doesn't crack. Tighten a little on each bolt and rotate to the next bolt so that all the force is not on any one bolt when screwing down the tank. Cracking the ceramic is more of a concern on the floor bolts so tighten only until things don't wobble.

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