Brown water leaking from tub faucet

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Brown water leaking from tub faucet

I have brown rusty water leaking from my bathtub faucet and lower fixture. What does this mean? Is it something I could fix easily?
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Do you have galvanized steel water pipes?
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Need more info. Has this just started? Does brown water come through other faucets? Was there recent work done by town or city on the water works? As Ray mentioned, what kind of pipes. Is you hot water tank in good shape? How old? Is it just hot water dripping or both hot and cold? Maybe a pic of the faucet and lower area where it drips.
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Have you tried turning water on and flushing pipe. I have a upstairs bathroom that is a guest one and if I forget to turn water on every once in awhile I get a little brown water. Only lasts a couple of seconds.
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The only thing unique about that particular faucet is that you have a leak. Other than that, when the faucet is opened for use, whatever you are seeing in the drips is still there, just not noticeable. But something is going on, obviously, so you have two things to look at. First is to repair the faucet, because you don't want it dripping regardless, and letting it go is going to result in permanent or at least hard to remove stains. Then, as mentioned, you may have galvanized pipes, or issues with the water itself that you may want to address.

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