Need a Cheap 10" Rough in Toilet

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Need a Cheap 10" Rough in Toilet

I had a toilet that started to run so I decided to replace the internals. In the process I cracked the water tank The house is only 13 years old and the toilet is a small round bowl and only 15-16" high. I don't like the new super tall toilets. Makes me feel like I'm pearched up on something. I'm trying to find a replacement for this toilet but it's only a 10" rough in as measured from the wall. 99.9% of toilets seem to be 12" rough in. The few I found that are 10" rough in are over $200 for a toilet with no features. Is there any places to look other than Lowes and Home Depot? What about replacing just the tank? How would I know if it fits?
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Visit a plumbing supply house, they will be able to order you one with the rough in dimensions that fit your house. I have ordered these in the past. You will need to tell them which side of the toilet the supply line is located on as they make a left handle and a right handle version.
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Have you looked for a replacement tank? There might be one out there.

And is it exactly 10"? If you're measuring from the baseboard, you might have a tad more room (you should measure from the wall). If you've got 11" or so, you might get a 12" in there. Check the specs online -- there should be some wiggle room.

If not, there are offset flanges, but I'm not sure if you want to get into that.
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Some brands of toilets the bowl is what changes between 12 and 10" and some it's only the tank that changes. It doesn't matter what side the tank handle is on, the supply line is always on the left.
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I needed a cheap 10" RO toilet as well. I saw a toilet at Sams Club which did not show the RO dimension. I took a chance and bought one. It fit perfectly. Now granted the back if the tank virtually touches the wall, but it worked for me!

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