Mounting pedestal sink on a tiled wall


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Mounting pedestal sink on a tiled wall

I need to mount a new pedestal sink on a tiled wall that was tiled in the 1960s. The tiled wall is VERY thick.

Inside the wall is a 2X6 wood backing board.

The actual tiled wall layer is about 2" thick. The actual tile is 3/8" thick, with a VERY thick layer of thick set applied over a metal lath nailed onto the wood studs.

I measured the two pedestal sink mounting tabs, the porcelain at the tab is about 7/8" thick. Throw in a rubber washer and a metal washer and a nut, that would make it 1.5" thick.

So, if I want to penetrate the backer board by say 1" minimum, adding in all the thicknesses I need a hanger bolt that's at least 4.5" long. I don't think I can use 1/4" size hanger bolts this long. May be I need to use 3/8" hanger bolts but not sure 3/8" will fit loosely through the holes - I want some play just in case I didn't drill perfectly straight or level or the drill bit slipped 1/16" of an inch.


Should I use hanger bolts this long to mount the sink?

Or can I get away with may be hex head Tapcon screws that bite into the thick set and not bother with the backing board that far back?
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I would consider using threaded rod and epoxy the rod into the holes. The epoxy is very strong and the holes should be stable enough/not crumble since the tile is so thick and you have thick set behind that.
I would purchase the best bit available, like an industrial carbide bit and make some kind of template/guide for drilling the holes.
The (wood?) guide could be hot melt glued to the wall and removed after drilling.
Simpson strong tie sells epoxy designed for bolt holes, but any epoxy would probably do.
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I'd go with hangar bolts. You could use 5/16th, and get them here:

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