Symmons Temptrol Outer Seat Stripped


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Symmons Temptrol Outer Seat Stripped


I recently replaced the pressure balance cartridge and diverter for my Temptrol shower valve. I also attempted replacing the hot and cold seats but the outer seat didn't want to budge. I was using the Raven 4-in-1 tool but instead of loosening the valve it just rounded out the notches. I was able to get the valve back together in the meantime, but definitely need to get the seats changed out somehow sooner or later.

Unless there's an extra set of notches on the seat (the new one looks like it might have 8 notches, but I can't get my tool to seat in any other position, so maybe not) then it looks like my only hope would be to try an easy out extractor tool. I've read that people have had success with a #8 extractor. I've only tried using easy outs/extractors a couple of times on other projects before but never really had much luck with them. Does anyone know which type/brand of extractor might work for this and where I could get it?

Or am I better off trying to get a plumber in to take care of it? The shower doesn't have its own shutoff, so if I screw something up I could end up without any water in the house until I can get things put back together. The one plumber I spoke to didn't want to touch it and suggested that he spend half a day to solder on a new valve (probably close to $500 parts and labor, not to mention having to open up the wall in the closet behind the shower). Left a message with another but didn't get a call back. Is this something I might be able to find a plumber that would be willing to take on? Any suggestions what to do? Thanks.
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