Water running in toilet


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Water running in toilet

I've had an issue with water trickling into the toilet bowl. It seems to be emanating from the rim of the toilet. I've replaced the flapper inside the tank to no avail. What else would be causing the water to trickle into the bowl.
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Not all replacement flappers work well. Sometimes you need to get the entire flush valve.

this assumes your chain is not tight and your handle is not causing the chain to hang up sometimes.

and that the water level is at the proper level and not continuing to run over.

if you put food coloring in the back tank and it appears in the bowl eventually, water is getting past your flush valve (flapper and seat). If the chain is slack, it's the flush valve.
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If flapper is not leaking possible seal between tank and bowl is leaking.
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For the past year I have been having a terrible problem with leaking flapper valves. Replacing the flapper only solves the problem half the time. If that doesn't do it I would get a kit that includes the whole assembly and replace it. Luckily only the tank needs to be removed so the bowl can be left in place.
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I have to agree with PD that replacement flappers are generally pretty crummy. It's not our fault. We don't make them -- just install them. I buy the best ones I can find -- I don't like running back & forth to the truck looking for one that will work.

If any manufacturers out there are listening, a good reliable flapper that holds water and lasts a few years would be worth a lot more than cheap replacements that don't work and cause embarrassment to the plumber. If I knew of a flapper that works first time every time, I'd pay $50 for it. I'd buy a case of them.

It's worth trying the toilet mfg's flapper, but still... if you test a new flapper install, it'll fail 50% of the time.
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Did you clean up the sealing surface that the flapper sets into?
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I usually run my finger around the flush valve to check for defects when replacing a flapper.
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I know it seems weird...but when I had a leaking flapper and 2 replacements didn't help...I took the second one and boiled it for about 30sec...then took it (in the pan) to the bathroom and installed it using a bit of pressure to hold it in place...like magic, it worked just fine now.
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My point exactly. You should be able to get a flapper that will seal against a flush valve (in good condition) w/o boiling or putting grease on it. Charge more money, but provide something that works... please. Pretty please with sugar on top.

Fluidmaster -- are you listening?
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Hi, Maybe it's not the flapper that's leaking. The little hose that goes from the fill valve to the overflow has to terminate above the over flow. If the tube goes down into the overflow it will cause the fill valve to siphon out water and act just like a bad flapper. You may want to check it.
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