New toilet wax rings leaking: water on/ under vinyl tile


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New toilet wax rings leaking: water on/ under vinyl tile

I had a new toilet and thicker name brand wax ring installed by professionals a year ago when I bought my house. In June, I found that the toilet bowl leaked waste water around wax seal. The previous owners laid self-adhesive vinyl tiles over sheet vinyl flooring and water was coming up between several tiles. I hired a handyman to replace wax ring and rip up tiles so he and I could clean floor and then he could lay new self adhesive vinyl tiles. He also used a good quality name brand thicker wax ring than what came with toilet.

Two months later, it looks like the same problem. Once I saw first signs of water, I put down towels and paper towels and have had water slowly oozing up for three days. Before I call handyman back, what do we need to know and do? And do we need to replace the tiles affected by the water or is there a way to get rid of water without doing that? Thank you.
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Before tearing anything up, you might check the tank to bowl gasket (assuming it's a 2-piece toilet). A leak at that point can be hard to see.
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Welcome to the forums.

In order to eliminate the same questions in two threads...... we keep a single topic in one thread.
This is yours. The plumbing and flooring guys will see it and respond.
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After eliminating what Steve_Gro suggested, you're going remove toilet and check flange condition and levelness. It should be level and even with the finished flooring. However it can be up to a 1/4 lower or about 1/8 higher than the floor level. If all is well on the flange, check the mating side of the toilet. Are there any defects from manufacturing? You might need to use two wax rings to make proper seal. Be sure to snug down the bolts firmly. Then after one or two days check the bolts again and see it they can be turned a bit more. But do not over torque them so the flange gets twisted. Do not caulk the toilet to the floor, you want to see if leaking occurs.

Send pics of the flange after you remove toilet. Let us see the condition.
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In addition to what was already said I would check your current installation and make sure the bowl is sitting properly and that there is no very slight rocking from side to side. If it is not seated properly you can kind of use your body and push the bowl down so there is no more movement.

I would also check the bolts and make sure they are tightened down properly, but you have to be very careful not to over-tighten and crack the bowl.

Well , I just re-read your first post. If I understand this is the second wax ring in a year? Something doesn't sound right here. Doesn't seem like it could be a poor installation twice. But maybe it was.

Maybe it's like what steve_gro is thinking, it's a leak from somewhere else - or what norm says, a flange problem.

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