Shower leak - need help diagnosing

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Shower leak - need help diagnosing

My son was in shower (shower/tub combo) on 2nd floor when all of a sudden water came cascading down through the first floor highhat fixture. I was not home at the time, my wife was. Some staining on ceiling sheetrock around highhat. Original builders tub, house built in 2000, I am original owner.

Need to know if it's the drain or source pipe. I suppose if I run the shower into a bucket, and no leak, that will rule out the source pipe. I can try from the tub spout and then up to the shower head.

If that doesn't cause leak, I can try running through the drain just to confirm that is the problem.

My initial thought was the shower curtain may have been outside the tub (my wife says there was way too much water for it to be that). I guess one never knows when a 13 year old is involved. If it were only that simple. I have not used that shower since the incident last weekend.

If it's the drain, is there any way to inspect/repair without ripping the 1-piece tub out, or going through the wall behind the tub plumbing or ceiling below? there is a bedroom next to the bathroom, that would expose the tub plumbing, but I'd rather not tear up the wall if I don't have to.

Guess I can always just remodel, and rip the tub out and replace, but I would like to see if I can find the cause of leak first.

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That sounds like a plan. Just as an aside, I would check the drain for hair clogs first. They may not be the source, but can block waste water
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Assuming the water hasn't been turned off to the bath rm I'd suspect the drain before I would the supply. The supply would normally keep leaking even after the shower was turned off. What type of flooring in the bath rm? if tile, was the grout extra wet? It shouldn't be hard to verify it is indeed the drain.
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What are the walls made of?

My first suspect as this has never happened before is incorrect orientation of the shower curtain. I would perform your tests and if no leaks, you can be safe to resume using the shower. If the walls are tile, look in to the corner near the shower supply and see if the caulking is bad or the grout has cracked. Would result in a leak, just not the gush that you described. That most likely is a shower curtain thing.

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