Toilet has less flush strength after repair.

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Toilet has less flush strength after repair.

So the wax ring in our toilet developed a drip leak so I had it replaced. The plumber came out and pulled the toilet and since it was already out I asked that the flush valve seal between the tank and bowl be replaced too.

I wasn’t there when they did this but the GF was and they recommenced the fill valve also be replaced. So she okayed that so out came a rather quality and reliable brass fill valve and they put in a plastic Fluidmaster one. They apparently also put in a new flapper.

Everything works BUT the flush has less power now. Additionally the water level in the bowl is lower.

My first instinct was that the tank was not filling as high as before but I checked it and its at about the same level as before the replacements.
If that is not the cause I am not sure what else to check. Could the diameter of the opening of the flush seal be narrower?
I am at a loss of how to approach the problem.
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Watch the flap in the tank when you flush it to see if it's pulled completed off the outlet. That's controlled by a chain from the handle.
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I have found that the "generic" replacement parts usually have issues and now just go for the OEM parts!
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I have seen flappers that did not stay open long enough for the whole tank to drain. They do make them with adjustable floats to delay the flapper closing.

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I had the same issue with my Kohler toilet after replacing the aqua piston and fill value with generic parts from Home Depot. The toilet barely fill, flush really weak and took a long time to fill. So I replaced everything with kohler oem parts and it works normal again. I had to twist the fill value to make it taller for my tall toilet tank.
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Since the tank is filling as it should and everything else is working, then the flapper valve does not stay open long enough. Ray's solution is best: you need to attach a float to the flapper. I don't know if floats are sold separately so you may need to buy a flapper that has a float attached already, $5 approx.

Turn off water to the tank and flush to empty the tank. Connect the new flapper, turn water on, and flush again. Adjust the float higher if you need more water per flush and lower for less water per flush. This is easy but takes a few minutes due to waiting for the tank to fill every time.

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Before you buy and install a new float, just flush the toilet but HOLD the handle down (hold flapper up) and if it flushes OK that way then a float might fix the problem. If it doesn't your problem is something else.
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Since no one has mentioned it, it seems to me that the primary reason is the overflow's 8" rubber tube is dislodged from the overflow tube. If it is not mounted and operating correctly, then your bowl level will be low.

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