best plunger for elongated bowl?


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best plunger for elongated bowl?

title about says it all. I had an issue with my new Kohler elongated toilet, but later discovered it wasn't a toilet clog. Anyway, my wife grabs the old plunger and goes to town with it, but the smaller round plunger doesn't totally cover the drain.

I looked for an enlongated-looking plunger, but didn't see one, so the question is: with all of the pressure/ pump/ normal type of devices on the market, that's the best thing to use for this type of toilet?
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I like a plunger that has a rubber tapered cone at the bottom as they seem to seal better against the bowl. The plastic (usually in bright colors) bellows ones have cracked with age/use and don't seem to do any better than the traditional rubber ones. The one drawback with rubber though is they can get hard with age so you may need a new one after 10 years.

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The type PD shows is the proper one for toilets.
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The new toilet we bought has the same oval hole in the bowl and those round plungers don't work. I actually found an oval plunger online but never tried it out. I did a search but appears the place is no longer in business and can't find them any more, sorry.
The one PD posted may be the best normally, but doesn't work on these toilets.
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First, the plungers are often shipped with the bottom portion folded up inside so pull it out before use. And yes, they don't seal very well so no smiling and keep your mouth shut.

Put the plunger in the drain hole of the toilet and push it down slowly. You are only trying to expel the air. Then slowly pull back letting the plunger fill with water. Push the plunger with moderate force into the drain hole to make it seal as best possible. Then quickly push it downward and pull back at a decent speed while making sure to keep the end under water so it doesn't suck in air. Repeat the firm push and pull back motion so you have a quick succession of pushing and pulling on the clog. This repeated back and forth can eat away at the clog until it finally clears.
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