Toilet swirls but slow flush...


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Toilet swirls but slow flush...

When flushing the bowls fills (higher than normal) and swirls but it takes a good 10 seconds for the water to go down and flush. Most flushes aren't an issue but I have had two instances over the last 30 days where the toilet has overflowed.

Toilet is located in a bathroom shared by two of my teenage daughters so my hunch is they put something down the toilet they shouldn't have.

Suggested remedies?

Thank you.
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Sounds like a partial clog.
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How old is the toilet ? I've noticed with age the same problem happens.
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I can't think if any reason why a toilet flush can become slower and slower with age, given the same amount of water coming down from the toilet tank each time, unless the drain channels and /or drain pipe somehow got arteriosclerosis.

Not sure how best to clear out the upper channels in the bowl rim other than by using acid. Use a amount large enough to come through all of the jets all around the bowl but small enough so it all remains in the bowl. Scoop the acid from the bowl and return it to the toilet tank for another run through. After about ten cycles the acid will probably have exhausted its potency eating away lime deposits so you can add more water to flush it down. Now do a complete tank refill and flush to judge the results and performance. Repeat the entire cleaning procedure, ten run throughs and all, with new acid if needed.
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There are a couple of reasons for the problem you are having.
Pour a bucket of water into the toilet bowl. Does it flush? If no plunge it or get a bowl auger to clear it. If it flushes the problem may be a lime build up in the bowl. Clear all the holes under the rim and the jet in the bottom of the toilet bowl. You can use a wire or small screw driver.
I use muratic acid because it can get where a wire can’t. I use about a quart and pour it into the overflow tube in the tank I let it set for about a half hour then flush.
Muratic acid is used in swimming pools to balance the PH.
I use to get it at Home Depot but thiers is weak. Last time I bought it, I got it at Ace Hardware the muriatic acid 31% hydrogen chloride,

Good Luck Woodbutcher

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