How to remove shower temp knobs without caps?

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How to remove shower temp knobs without caps?

Good Morning All,

My shower setup has 2 knobs (cold and hot) and the head. I have no idea what brand these knobs are; the house was built in the 40's and God knows how old they are. The rest of the bathroom is very outdated so I'm assuming they weren't replaced any time too recently.

The cold temp knob has a leak, but I'm not sure how to remove the knob. There is no cap on these knobs - it kind of looks like a cap, but it is not removable.

I can unscrew the fat base behind the knob, but I can't remove completely since I can't figure how to get the knob off. I'm including some images for reference. Please let me know if you have any advice here and thank you in advance!

Once I get the knob off, I may need some advice on fixing the leak, but I'll start with just trying to remove it first so I can see what's going on back there.

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In the last picture I see some knurling on what would normally be a cap, but you say it isn't a cap. Are you sure? The knurling suggests to me that it is a cap and is threaded into the faucet handle. I would try putting some pliers on the knurling and trying to turn it.
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I thought that may be the case as well, but when I try to remove with pliers it doesn't budge and is just stripping the knurling. It looks welded/attached to the knob.
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Yeah, I think those caps come off, whether threaded as looks to be the case, or pressed in and the knurls are just for aesthetics. And if they are threaded in I'm not so sure I would assume they are right hand threads. But like you said, who knows how old they are or if or when they were ever serviced, so I'd try some PB Blaster right around that joint for a day or two and see if it might work its' way in. Or you might even try some Lime Away or something like that if you have it because it's most likely calcium build up as opposed to rust.
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Those center covers definitely come off. I'm pretty sure they screw off.

Those are American Standard valves.
You will need a handle puller to get those handles off the shafts.
Pretty sure you will also need a deep faucet socket if you are going to be working on the valve seats.
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