Shower/Tub Fixture Plumbing Code


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Shower/Tub Fixture Plumbing Code

I've received great help from this forum in the past, so I'm hoping there are some folks out there educated on this topic. My girlfriend recently moved in to a new construction townhouse. In my opinion, a cookie cutter development. She has 1 year warranty and 11 month walk-around coming up soon. This last week, she had a leak in her ceiling coming from the upstairs bathroom. Long story short, the tub faucet is not attached to any structure behind the wall. The caulk around the faucet broke free and you can pull the faucet out from the wall by about 1.5 inches. If I pull on the mixing valve handle, the shower wall flexes, which tells me the mixing valve is probably not attached behind the wall either. All of her bathrooms are this way. Knowing the contractor is probably not going to have a lot of appetite to open up walls, etc. to actually make this right, I have been trying to research the international plumbing code to find documentation about mounting tub/shower fixtures and controls. I only found one blurb about the shower riser needing to be fastened to structure. I'm looking for anyone that might be able to point me to some actual code in case I need a leg to stand on in talking with the contractor/developer. The townhouse is located in Bettendorf, Iowa. I don't think they have their own plumbing code and use the international plumbing code (I could be wrong through). Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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According to the 2018 international plumbing code, I think this would apply:

308.3 Materials. Hangers, anchors and supports shall support the piping and the contents of the piping. Hangers and strapping material shall be of approved material that will not promote galvanic action.

308.4 Structural attachment. Hangers and anchors shall be attached to the building construction in an approved manner.

308.5 Interval of support. Pipe shall be supported in accordance with Table 308.5

The Table in 308.5 gives maximum spacing of anchors (straps) and I would just imagine that the "approved manner" would require an approved anchor at or near the fixture. I dont know how anyone could possibly argue otherwise. But I'm a carpenter, not a plumber.


Also: 421.2 Water supply riser. Water supply risers from the shower valve to the shower head outlet, whether exposed or concealed, shall be attached to the structure. The attachment to the structure shall be made by the use of support devices designed for use with the specific piping material or by fittings anchored with screws.

Plus, you could fall back on the installation instructions for your shower valve. (Example)

They will always include something about mechanically fastening the valve to the framing by the use of straps.

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XSleeper- thank you for the information. This will help me at least put together a case. Personally I feel things like this tend to be a developer/project issue and at times can give guys in the trade a bad name. Iím sure this development was put up with a lot of pressure on cost and time. When people are put in that position, things are going to slip. Again, thank you for the information.
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