Toilet shut off valve replacement

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Toilet shut off valve replacement

I have a minor leak in a toilet shutoff valve. The problem is more complicated than I expected and would appreciate some assistance. First, the photo below shows the valve. I suspect it is soldered as there is no nut as in a compression valve but I don't see any solder - see photo.

Issue 1: please confirm it is soldered. If not, what do I have?

I'd rather not play with removing the old solder. Instead, I'm considering cutting the pipe and installing a compression valve. The distance from the plate to the valve is exactly 1 inch.

Issue 2: how much pipe must extent from the wall (minimum) to use a compression valve?


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Yes it's soldered. To leave the most copper you would heat it up with a torch to get the old fitting off. Then use emery cloth to sand it down smooth. But to heat it enough you'd need to drain the line... sometimes hard to do if that's the lowest point on the line... but if you have something downstairs you can open, then when you open the valve that water will drain down. An empty water line is much easier to heat up. A line with water in it is impossible to heat up enough.

But to answer the question about minimum length, you need at least 5/8" beyond the escutcheon in order to use a compression fitting. You could also use a shark bite fitting.
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Yes.... that is a standard multi-turn stop valve soldered onto 1/2" copper pipe.
Plenty of pipe exposed..............
for a compression valve 1/2" compression x 3/8 compression right angle 1/4 turn stop Example
or shark bite valve 1/2" x 3/8" compression right angle 1/4 turn stop valve. Example

I use solder type but would opt for the shark bite if I didn't want to solder.
Be sure to cut the pipe straight and there can be NO burrs.

Don't forget.... change the trim ring too. Example

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