Anyone have an issue with my shower picture?


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Anyone have an issue with my shower picture?

Here's our shower before being tiled by others. Anyone have an issue with this? Specifically greenboard along the top? His argument is that's how it's usually done. You could use the concrete board all the way to the top, but a) water doesn't get up that high so if there's water damage, you have bigger problems and b) tile sticks better to greenboard on the ceiling of the shower?

Is he shoveling manure or is there legitimacy in any of that? How much more would concrete board add to a job like this?Name:  2016-04-21 20.30.15.jpg
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The drywall at the top should be fine although IMO it's better practice to bring the cement board all the way to the ceiling assuming the tile goes all the way up.
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I thought it was Ok to have green board or even regular drywall if it is above the level of the shower head - looks like yours is a rainfall from the ceiling? - I don't think I would be pleased. Could he seal the green board that is showing with something? - I heard there are products that do this.

I'm running Kerdi up to the ceiling even though my shower head is a good 2 feet below that line - but was told by someone who seemed to know that regular old drywall would be just fine for the ceiling itself.
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Personally, I see no issues with the way it is prepped. He had done a nice job of blending the two together. The cement board is where the "Water" will be so the none wet areas above 6 foot are fine as presented. You have nothing to worry about.

On edit

Make sure he uses mesh tape and thinset on all seams between cement board and also in the corners which has nothing right now. The white "drywall compound looking stuff" with no tape worries me.
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I agree that it should be no issue, but the extra cost for cement board is so small it seems to be cheap not to extend it. What would the extra cost be? Maybe $20?
I agree with Marksr.
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Hi! Re-reading your post here after the notes on the other forum. Not saying they took my money and didn't follow up. I thin you mentioning below that the drywall compound looking stuff worries you. I didn't see that in time to tell them. just an example of me thinking "I shouldn't have to post questions on a forum and rely on others good nature to share their expertise to make sure I get treated right'. yeah, you have to have faith in people (which I guess I don't) and have to go with quality people - which I thought I did (he was referred by a friend.... who bought the guy a gift afterwards as thanks. and I looked at the finished product and it looked OK).

I am sorry if these come off as rants / taking issue with many things. I'm not really looking to find fault with these workers. Again as I said in the other thread, just looking to be treated fairly.
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