How To Remove Granite Border?

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How To Remove Granite Border?


I plan to remove this granite 'border' and I'm wondering if there is any way possible to do it without cracking the surface granite? If you look at the attached picture, you can see the granite border that I'm attempting to remove.

This was installed approximately 15 years ago, so I'm not sure if there is a special way to do this without cracking the surface? Once I remove the border, I plan to install a tile backsplash in place of the granite border.

Thanks in advance!
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That's often called a backsplash and you shouldn't have much of a problem removing it. It's only attached with adhesive.
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It's unlikely that it won't break. Granite doesn't bend, it snaps. So since it was likely glued down with adhesive, you will need to pry it loose from the top and wall. When you do this it will likely break. Inserting wood shims behind it and trying to cut with thin knives might help but ultimately I don't think you will be able to save it, even if you are careful. But if they used the adhesive sparingly you might get lucky.

keep in mind you will destroy the drywall unless you only pry where the studs are located.
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Baltic Brown Granite!

I had to remove a couple pieces when I remodeled our bathroom a few years ago.

Attempted to pry the first piece off the wall and it promptly snapped in half.

Second piece I cut the drywall from the wall then scrapped it off and was able to salvage it!

It all depends how much adhesive was used!

You will also need to cut through the clear silicon first!
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I don't think the OP is too concerned about the granite "border" but more concerned about damaging the countertop. I would protect the countertop from scratches (masking tape) and then try a joint knife on the seam.

I had the same granite border on my counters. It was adhered to the countertop with a silicone caulk and to the wall with construction adhesive. If that's the case here it should be pretty easy to free from the counter. Getting it off the wall without damaging the drywall is probably not going happen but if the plan is a tile backsplash that should be no big deal.
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I had no trouble removing the granite back splash when I re-did my kitchen. I cut the caulk at the top and bottom with a box cutter. Then with thin pry bars and flat blade screw drivers I gently pried it loose. The adhesive tore the paper off the wall sheetrock but the back splash came out surprisingly easy.
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You may also want to add a 2 inch wide putty knife to your tool list.
Once you get the calk cut use it to run from the top down behind the back splash.
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Thanks everyone for the quick replies... Yes, I don't care about saving the granite border and the saving the drywall isn't a big concern either because it will be covered with a tile backsplash.

I will try a joint knife and see what happens.
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Thank y'all for the suggestions.... I was successfully able to remove the granite border without cracking the flat surface granite using a couple of different utility knives.

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