Confused about this panel board


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Confused about this panel board

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Wife and I wanted to remodel our Kitchen. After buying everything and researching what things we need to be careful of (Asbestos/Lead) we started Demo'ing. Thinking the walls were straight forward sheetrock I started cutting and pulling them aside. However after closing looking the panel after breaking it in 2 something didn't seem right. Did some research online and found out that some homes back in the day used a fire resistant panel in the kitchen that could contain asbestos. I freaked out and stopped all work. I took a small sample outside and cut a 2"x2" piece off to get it tested (Was drenching it with the hose while I cut so no dust would get loose). However here I am now at home waiting for the results.

Before the results come back I just wanted to get a community opinion on what they thought the board might be and whether it does or does not have asbestos. My HVAC system has HEPA filters built into it but I am not sure down to what micron level they work to. The few questions I have are as follow.

1. Would my HVAC system help in reducing the amount of dust I might have released? I was planning on getting in touch with a clean up company or even buying a HEPA Purification system to help.

2. I was wearing a mask, eye wear, and gloves while doing this. The room was sealed off but one of my vents was still open with the AC running. The only entrance to the room is through a zipper system I got off Amazon (LINK) Do I need to do anything else in the area like clean up with water and soap or should I leave it until the lab results come back? I am worried that whatever dust around will make things worse for the whole house. And even to that point is it alright to be in the house?

3. What other advise would you guys give? I am pretty much open to hearing everyone's take. I just want to know how serious this is for me and my family.

Thanks in advance all!
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Asbestos is not cyanide. The people suffering from asbestos exposure worked eight hours a day in factories or shipyards for years. Casual short term exposure has been over hyped by lawyers and abatement firms. It doesn't mean you shouldn't be careful but there is no reason to panic.
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Does the picture show any tell-tale signs of asbestos?
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You can't see the asbestos. It's microfine fibers. But like Ray said.... it is not deadly. The dust should not be breathed in or allowed to travel. Most of the time the abatement companies spray it with a watery type of binding agent so that the dust is contained.

People don't realize it but the pink fiberglass house installation is just as hazardous. Those fine fibers float on the air and can also be inhaled.
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How do you mitigate it from traveling? One, out of many concerns I have, is the fact that I was in/out of the area 2 times since. Once to seal everything up completely while not kicking up any dust and the second to gather the sample to send to the lab. Outside of that I have tried to keep everything clean going in/out but I am paranoid about what particles I may have introduced into our living areas now. As mentioned my HVAC does have a HEPA filter - should this reduce the spread? I have also made sure to wash all my clothes that I wore when entering the area. I have tried to dot my i's and cross my t's but I just am not sure if there is anything else I should be doing to protect my family. Should I wash down the floors/walls right outside of the entrance to the area? Any advice on how to protect our living areas is helpful!
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I would not worry about small amount of dust you got. I worked in auto mechanic for many years where we blew brake dust off brakes everyday and I have no problems. Brakes in the day had Asbestos.
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Likewise I used to spray asbestos texture and have no ill effects. Just try to keep the dust down and clean up your mess - it should be fine
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