Latex Primer on Spackle

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Latex Primer on Spackle

I'm quote worried right now....I just spent the last two days prepping my new-to-me condo for primer and paint.
This is what I did: I used TSP first then wiped with water as the directions said. Then I sanded the entire wall the next day and used the pink-white indicator spackle to fill in nail holes, drywall anchor holes, as well as other irregularties. I let the spackle dry overnight then I sanded the spackle thoroughly with a sanding screen. I followed the entire wall with a towel to remove the dust, and then again with "tack cloth" to remove any stubborn dust. On all the DIY sites I read, I followed the prep very well since prep is 90% of the job.

I'm using latex primer (because its wet outside and I didn't want to have doors and windows open for oil based primer). When I was rolling the paint over the wall, it adhered very well. EXCEPT on the spackle. Many sites I read that spackle is okay for minor patchwork and small holes. So I am shocked at what could cause this...

I'm torn whether I should resand the areas (quite a few as the previous owners did a horrible job) or try another coat of primer and see what happens?

Any help would be greatly appreciated... I'm at a loss at why this happened after all the careful prep I did.
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Go back and apply the primer with a brush in any areas that still need primer... or go back and spot roll the areas that were missed. I assume you stirred the primer well?

I'm guessing that either you didnt have enough primer on the roller or the pressure you exerted on the roller just wasn't enough to make the primer stick to the slick spots. Especially if you were just using a 3/8" roller for smooth walls. You shouldn't have to squeeze primer out of the roller as you roll. Put plenty of primer on the wall and use the roller to spread it out... roll top to bottom with a painters' pole... not all zigzag like they show on diy shows. (Drives me nuts)

It also could be that you left a lot of tsp residue on the walls, or mixed the tsp too strong. That makes the walls quite slick, which affects the adhesion. Basically if you don't rinse the wall very well,, the primer is rinsing the wall, picking up tsp residue as you roll. Not a good thing. If you wet your hand and wipe the wall, your hand should not feel slick. If it's slick, the wall needs to be rinsed better.

Could also be crappy primer. In my experience, Kilz 2 is not the best choice.
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Thanks I will try using more primer to see if that works.

im pretty sure I used proper strength (TSP 1:20) and rinsed well - it sticks everywhere well except the sparkle spots

thanks for for the info!!
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Whenever you patch drywall you need to roll on two coats of primer, not brush, so that you get rid of that flat spot that will stand out when painted.

I like to use one of the small 4" pink foam rollers.

I dont see where you mention the primer used but I have always used regular PVA primer without issue.
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Although TSP is a great detergent I never use it on the interior because it needs to be rinsed well or adhesion can suffer. Since the only trouble spots seem to be the spackling patches we'll assume you rinsed it well. As stated above - reprime those areas and see how it does.

While PVA primer is adequate for raw drywall/repairs it isn't a great primer for going over already painted walls. What primer did you use?

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