expansion tank leak


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expansion tank leak

There is a leak on the connection from the pipe to the expansion tank. How can I plug it? - Teflon tape looks like it was used on the thread.

Do I need to disconnect the tank?
Does that mean shutting the water heater gas and electric?
Do I need a Plumber?
Help! Thanks
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Is this a new installation ?
You could remove the tank and re-apply new tape.

A surface repair would not be effective to stop a leak.

You will need to shut the water off. When you remove the tank you will get water out of the fitting.

You could shut the water off in the house or to the water heater, turn the water heater to off and drain a few gallons of water from the tank. You may need to open an upstairs faucet to aid in the removal of water.
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It is less than 2 years old. Thank you for the explanation about surface repair. I applied plumber's putty to it, now I know it won't work.
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Start by turning off the water heater heat (turn knob to "pilot" for gas heaters).

You need to drain both hot and cold water lines down to below the level of the expansion tank to keep water from coming out and getting all over the place the moment you remove the expansion tank.

There is no easy way to known exactly when the water level has been brought down far enough so you will end up with the hot water tank partially empty when you are sure the water level is low enough. Three gallons out the water heater drain should be enough. Thus you need to turn off the water heater heat.

To redo the teflon tape (or pipe dope) joint sealing you must undo the joint which in this case means dismounting the expansion tank at least for a moment.

When you are done, turn on the water and see water gushing from a hot faucet upstairs for a full minute before turning the water heater heat back on.

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