New water heater and expansion tank issues


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New water heater and expansion tank issues

Replaced a 20+ year old natural gas 75 gallon water heater recently with an equivalent model. The plumber said an expansion tank was required per code so we added one. Two things Iím noticing now with the new set up:

1) Low hot water pressure: I used to turn hot and cold on full to fill a whirlpool. Now, if I turn them both on full, only cold water comes out. I have to turn the cold to half and hot to full to get a warm flow.

2) Two people took baths at the same time (one a whirlpool) and we ran out of hot water for the first time ever.

Is this because newer equipment (same specs on paper) isnít as powerful as old equipment? Does the expansion tank explain any of this?
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It's hard to say what the problem is but it is not the pressure tank.
That is only a place for the extra pressure to go.

Low flow and running out of hot water are two different problems. It amost sounds like the cold water supply valve to the water heater is not open all the way. Does this same thing happen at sinks..... kitchen sink ? Sometimes crud from the hot water lines gets into valves and cartridges causing problems.
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I agree that the expansion tank has nothing to do with the problems. A valve to the water heater might be partially closed. Maybe during the install they bumped the pipes and a piece of mineral deposit broke loose and has become clogged somewhere. Also, if you are not getting enough hot water I would have the heater checked to make sure it's working properly.
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Did your plumber also install a pressure regulator on the cold water line?

It could be that your "normal" water pressure is/was too high for the tank's max pressure rating, and so a regulator was needed to reduce it to within the tank's specs.
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