Black Debris From Well Water


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Black Debris From Well Water

My daughter's home has a well, pressure tank, and a common household water softener. About every 4 weeks there is a strong sulpher-like smell coming from the water. If the water heater is then drained, there is a black substance that comes out of the water until it becomes clear again. The water heater is new.

The black substance is coming from either the well itself, or the water softener. Is it possible for the resin in the softener to have something black coming out of it? It seems to me that it could only be coming from the well.
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There are all sorts of naturally occurring minerals in ground water, so you are seeing the effects of that. Manganese, iron, magnesium, sulfur (various sulfates like hydrogen sulfide) can all contribute to what you are seeing.

Its possible the water softener is a source, it's also possible your water heater is producing more hydrogen sulfide than the last one. If this seems to go in cycles, it could have something to do with your softener regeneration cycle. Maybe someone in your area will do free softener inspections.
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Does the smell come from both the hot and cold water or it only in the hot? If it's just the hot then it could be bacteria feeding off the anode rod in the water heater.
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The smell only comes from the hot water. That's why the heater was replaced, but only a couple of months ago. Doesn't seem like the bacteria could build up that fast.
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Sulfur water is it's strongest [odorwise] when hot. You might take a pot of cold water that smells ok and boil it to see if that makes the odor worse. I don't know what is involved in treating sulfur water although they say it's good for you.
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Rod in water heater is breaking down , if it was removed right now there would be a black slim like growth on it ... the rod was to help with the hardness but with the softener there is nothing for it to do so rather than just setting there it is starting to break down.
Have known some to remove and plug the hole, just saying what I have heard.
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