Kinetico 2060S

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Kinetico 2060S

We're having a Kinetico 2060S installed on 8/31 and I wanted to make sure we're going with the right system. I have a GE water softener and a 10" filter installed currently. Here are our water test results from kinetico after the softener:

Hardness 0 gpg
Iron .1 ppm
Ferrous N/A
Manganese 0 ppm
TDS 157 ppm
pH 5.7

We have a household of 4 with a 3 bathroom (soon to be 4 bath) home in Pennsylvania. They're quoting us $3550 to install a 16" pre filter, a 2060s, a 10" post filter and a RO system which Kinetico is apparently running a special on.

Here are our test results prior to the filter and water softener:

Hardness 6 gpg
Iron 1.6 ppm
Ferrous Iron .6 ppm
Manganese .1 ppm
TDS 157 ppm
pH 5.7

The reason that Im going with kinetico is Im hoping to get rid of the rest of the iron that we're seeing. I have to change the 10" pre filter every 10 days because it gets so clogged with iron that it drops our water pressure considerably. I don't want to put the filter in after the softener because I don't want to kill the life of our softener. Even with the system that we have, we still experience the orange ring in the toilets and tubs.

Id prefer a system that uses considerably less salt for the regeneration because Im going through 100lbs a month. Ideally, Id love to go saltless but I wasn't sure if that'd be a good idea and wanted to run it by people that know what they're doing.
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A lot of people that like to fix things their selves are upset with Kinetico. I have heard of some dealers refusing to sell them repair parts. You can not find them on line so you are forced to use the local dealer.

You have not mentioned anything about raising the pH. With your pH being low, it is harder to remove the iron. The test results can not be right. Iron starts staining at .3 and the test says it is .1.

I would recommend not going with a pre-filter. The first thing is to raise the pH followed by an iron filter then the water softener. The TDS is not that great to require an RO system. Again, if you go with a Kinetico RO, you are forced to buy filters from them and they can charge want they want knowing you can not get them anywhere else.

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