RO filter change question

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RO filter change question

I have an RO drinking water filter system. I believe it is a 5-stage (three canisters hanging down) system. It also has a larger canister off to the side. I do not know the brand or model number right now and am not at home to go look, but will be this evening.

The filters have not been changed in roughly three years. I used to pay the installer to change the filters every year, but that's expensive. I'm pretty decent with tools and my hands and have been reading that I can purchase the filters and change them myself for a lot less money, so that's what I want to do. (I also understand there's another membrane that needs to be changed as well, not annually but now yes.)

My main question is: Is there anything that I would need to know or do different considering that it has been about three years since the last filter change, and about two years since it's been used?

If so, what? If so, would I be better off letting the installer do it this time then start doing my own next year?

ETA: System is 12 yrs old.
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I have similar 5 stage and if I recall the "recommended" filter change is 6 months for the filters/carbon units and 1 year for the membrane.

However, I have for the past 8 years been changing filters/carbon once a year and membrane every 2 years with no effect.

I have well water, whole house filters, chlorine injection, and carbon filter so my water is pretty clean even before it gets to the RO.

I doubt there is anything to worry about.

Changing the filters is extremely easy, the membrane just requires a few water lines to be removed.
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If the system has not been used for two years I would replace the cartridges and give the housings a thorough cleaning. If it were in regular use I wouldn't have an issue but I just have a personal bias against what can happen when water just sits for years. If you are not doing the work yourself then I'd say call your service provider. But... RO filtration systems are relatively inexpensive and the filter cartridges are relatively inexpensive as well so it's something perfect for the DIY minded person.

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