Mystery item

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Mystery item

I moved into a previously owned house. What I never figured out was an item sitting on a sink in the basement.

I had thought Beam only made vaccume cleaning systems ages ago, but that must have changed.

At first I thought this may be some softener system, and then I thought no, it may be a water purifier... (has filters to change apparently). But now I simply just don't know anymore.

Seems I can't find much into on this item, so I guess it may no longer be sold, but who knows.

If it is just a water purifier, why only on ONE sink in the whole house, and not somewhere important like the kitchen? This worries me.

There is an old clothesline hanging near the sink, so it could be the previous owners only used this to go with their laundry for some reason.

I admit I've never used either a water filter system, or softener (never had to). So I wanted to check here with you guys for a valid opinion.

Even though I never do my laundry in the basement, and seem to be fine, it's always bothered me not understanding why this set-up.
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Perhaps they used it for drinking water and kept everything in the basement? I mean, keep 10 gallon jugs down there, and take one up to the fridge at a time, bringing the empty down. Once you get to 4-5 empties, you refill them and rotate the stock. Or perhaps it was for emergencies? Are you on a well, or was/is there problems with City water? We have an area that is supplied by a small water company (I mean REAL small) and they were constantly having problems and had to furnish drinking water to their customers. Problem was, you only got so many a day, and you had to drive to a pickup station to get it. Much easier to have your own supply.
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It looks to be a standard 10 inch filter housing and originally likely had a sediment cartridge in it.
The size of the lines appear it might be connected to a separate drinking tap or maybe a fridge ice maker or humidifier.

It is important to find out exactly what it is connected to.
Filters need to be regularly changed and if they are not microorganisms can grow within them.
If it holds a carbon filter the carbon will remove the chlorine normally found in drinking water which can also encourage bacteria to grow.

Normally the black portion that the lines connect to unscrews to remove the filter cartridge.
It could be possible that it is glued shut to make you replace the whole unit which is a complete rip-off!
If filter is needed you could likely replace it yourself for under $30.00.
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There have been a number of filters much like that over the years, Amway was one and then others that the names have been long forgotten.
As it has been pointed out, follow the lines to and from the unit. And make the choice as to changing the filter or removing the filter and its housing and lines.
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Thanks guys, I will take another look at it alter. I know it has some sort of changeable filter because there is a very old note by it stating to change filter.

We are on city water, and when I moved her, it was stated by city hall that we have the best water in North America, past tests with flying colors. So I am still stumped on what was the point of this thing.

Maybe some housewife fell for a scam by one of those traveling salesmen. LOL

Still scratching head.
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We have great city water where I live but lots of chlorine.
So I use a filter like yours to filter the chlorine out of the drinking water for the icmakers

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