Culligan System with some problems - time to update ?

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Culligan System with some problems - time to update ?

We have a Culligan softener and neutralizer in are home along with a reverse osmosis system. The reverse osmosis system cannot be serviced because parts the filters cannot be found.

We purchased all of these when we moved in back in November of 1992. It is the original and we have had it serviced annually. Over the last few service visits, the techs indicated that these units were discontinued a while back and parts cannot be obtained to fix them.

We had our Culligan system checked today and the technician indicated that the neutralizer tank was not able to take a full bag of the mineral because the tank was like sludge at the bottom. He showed me this by placing a tube in opening at the top where the mineral is added. It would not move down too far into the tank. It also is not able to mix and it is like sludge at the bottom.

He said due to the age, the gears are failing and not able to mix the minerals as it needs to.

The softener is also leaking and he said to only add about 1 40 lb bag of the Diamond Solar Salt crystals and not to fill the tank.

The ph reading is at 5.6 and he said it should be 7 and this could be the issue as to why we had two hot water tanks in the last 4 years replaces due to the rods being eaten away' Also, i see a lot of blue material around the valves and joints of some of the pipes.

For the neutralizer, He said one option is to rebuild what is called the called the head which drives the system and take out the tank and clean it. Looking at about $1200 or more. Other option is to upgrade to a newer system that is more efficient and uses less minerals and easier to maintain.

He also pointed out the well tank has a brass fitting and it should be replaced. He said since there is pressure at that point it could just blow open at any time. Not sure if this is true.

You can see I have a container under the valve where it has a small leak. The container fills up in about 6 to 8 months and has been like this for about a year.
He gave a quote for $900 to put in a new larger tank and new valve and pipes. I am not sure if we need a larger tank since there are only two of us now in the house.

A plumber also told be when we had our well pump replaces, the 20gal tank is too small for the amount of time it takes to fill is causing the pump to work too hard. Not sure if that is true.

Is it possible to fix any of these issues or do we need to look at updating?

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A brand spanking new RO system is only about $200 and there are really no "parts" needed, just filters so would not spend too much time trying to fix an old one.

Looking at about $1200 or more
He gave a quote for $900 to put in a new larger tank
From your note it's obvious they are jacking the cost way up. Water equipment is not voodoo science, pretty straight forward and not horribly expensive as long as you do some home work.

You need a water test to find out where you need to go, work with some online suppliers (Ohio Pure Water is my go to company) and they will sell you industry standard equipment!
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The ro might have parts and filters on Ebay.

The Neutriler can be put in bypass and then the control head removed from the bypass and then the head removed from the tank and the tank up ended and emptied.... and then refilled with new media.

Softener, that is another story .. media is most likely getting its end and can be re bedded but that is going to be a bit of a challenge in getting the new media in.

If one is handy one can search ebay for replacement heads and parts for the culligan.

There are from time to time valves and tanks and other parts.

Well pump and pressure tank.. if there is room and one can get a bigger tank, one might look into that, the longer the pump runs the cooler it will get and fewer pump runs in a 24 hour day.

Also if the tank has a 15gallon draw down that would be 3 flushes of a toilet before the pump comes on.

Just about All the Tee packs that I know of are Brass, and yes the fittings do ware to a point that they get replaced. Switch , gauge do go bad and get replaced as well as drain valve and pressure release point.

As a passing note, sounds like the tech is out to ring up a bill for the boss.

PM if you would like.
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Culligan replacement parts

If it helps, I have learned culligan replacement parts CAN be found. You just need to be creative, especially with the RO systems. Mine was leaking badly, but this helped. Hope this video helps you too.

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