Homemade welder

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Homemade welder

Do you think I can weld a small trailer maybe with 70xx rod with my hone made trailer any advice will help.the welder is made up if two microwave transformers 1 @ 19.5v and the other 20v they are plugged into 120v line
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No way to know how much current your transformers can deliver. Have you rewound the secondaries?

The most you might expect from a commercial welder on 120 volt line is maybe 60-70 amps at low duty cycle, but no way would stock microwave transformers give you that much.

60-70 amps may be enough to weld a light duty trailer, but you are going to spend most of your time waiting for the transformers to cool off so they don't burn up.
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No you can not.

Those transformers are no where near large enough to deliver adequate amperage to a welding rod.
They also do not have a high enough voltage and because they are physically very small the welding voltage will not be stable.
A welder with those components will only be able to get electrodes stuck to your project.

Based on other threads you have started on this project you need to understand that everything on the internet is not necessarily true or accurate.
Yes, it is possible to build a welder out of microwave transformers but the welds it would be capable of delivering would in no way would be consistent or penetrate structural metal sufficiently to have a safe and strong project.
If you are determined to weld with your welder project then maybe welding something like chairs would be a better test.

You could buy a HF or similar flux only mig welder for $100.00 or a DC HF stick welder for $150.00.
Not the best choice for welding up a trailer but at least you would have a chance at learning the basics of welding.
Double that $ amount and you would be able to buy a small trailer building welder.
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Neighbor long time ago had a home built trailer. The weld on the hitch triangle broke on one side while he was doing sixty down the highway. causing the loaded trail to sling the car off the road. You must be sure of your welds where they are critical.

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you need to understand that everything on the internet is not necessarily true or accurate.

It's a lie, I googled that and your wrong!!
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.... and I'm a french model

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