Septic Tank / Drain-field isses - toilets gurgling and bath drain is backing up.

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Septic Tank / Drain-field isses - toilets gurgling and bath drain is backing up.

House built in 1957, 750 gallon tank, no idea on age, guessing 20 years.

August 2015 the septic tank was full with matter and we got it cleaned out.

Feb 2016 we notice the toilet was gurgling/bubbling when showering and water draining very slowly from the bath/sinks and eventually backing up into the bath.

March 2016 the tank is full of water not so we got it cleaned out no obvious blockages or problems with the tank. Septic tank fella says the drain field may have a problem but there was a lot grease and baby wipes (GRRRR this grinds my gears, kids ) blocking the pipe from the tank to the drain-field, so he said to wait and see what happens in a few weeks. If its the same in a few weeks then definitley a drain-field issue.

As of April 2016 through today the toilets are gurgling and bubbling again so it's clear we have a problem but it remains consistent, only starts after about 7 to 8 minutes of showering. No sewage in the bubbling just water with no where else to go.

Here is a screen shot of my house, it has been extended numerous times and they ave extended around the septic tank
There are 2 medium sized trees (2 small stars) and one pretty huge oak tree (1 large star) in the backyard and i have a sneaky feeling they have interfered with the drain-field.

The weeds/grass in the area between the house and garage grows incredibly quick compared to the rest of the yard. Any tips or ideas? I'm hoping it's a tree root issue we can easily resolve.....not looking forward to replacing a drain-field.

Any advice is appreciated.

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Do you have a baffle, or a filter to intercept the baby wipes before they go out to the Leach Field ?

They're not bio-degradable.
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A 1950's septic system and a house added onto is enough cause for concern. Add in the grease, baby wipes and other items that should not go down the drain and the outlook is not good. I would consult with and possibly get quotes from a few septic installers.
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Rule of thumb, as the tank was being drained if there's an in rush of water coming back in from the leach field and D box side of the tank there's a leach field issue.
At almost 60 years old would tell me it's likely Terra Cotta tiles or Orangeburg drain lines, both of which can be trouble.
Could be a number of things going wrong.
The tank was not pumped out soon enough so the soilds backed up into the incoming line.
Distribution box cover collapsed or it's blocked up.
Ground has shifted or someone's driven over the drain lines causing a misalignment or collapse.
Tree roots can grow with through Orangeburg pipes and can also go though the joints in both types of pipes.
At some point all leach fields are going to fail, that's why in some areas it's required to have enough room to install a second one if the first fails.

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