Losing water pressure when sprinkler turns on

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Losing water pressure when sprinkler turns on

I have a well with a new 2HP Goulds submerssible pump, an 86 gallon pressure tank, sediment inline filter and a water softener inline. The pump was installed one month ago since the pump guy said my previous 3 old one was about to give up. The main reason I had it checked was because I was noticing a significant drop in my sprinkle system after station would turn on for 2-3 min. Pressure would drop to 25-30 causing uneven dead fescue zones.
After the new pump, a new pressure swicth 40-60 and a cycle stop valve I still have the same problem.
Today I drained the pressure tank, recharched it to 39 PSI and still have the problem. Once the pump turns on it take a good 5-7 min to fill back up to 60.
I have no leaks anywhere, and recently changed several of the sprinkle nozzles to 2 GPM ones. I do not see a difference.
I tought was the pressure tank but as far as I am concerned it is working fine. It was installed in 2005.

My feeling is that the pump was not the issue.

Other than calling back the pump company, how do I go about to evaluate the brass check valve installed right next to the well casing? What are possible symptoms of a worn out or dirt accumulated into it?

Any help and advice is welcomed.

One last tought, if every thing is fine, any value on i stalling a separate booster pump for the sprinkler system?
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Welcome to the forums.

Right off the bat you have an inherent problem.... using your well for domestic water and sprinklers.
The sprinkler system puts a heavy demand on a well.

Your pressure tank has nothing to do with water delivery pressure. Your tank is there as a ballast to keep the pump from short cycling which greatly reduces its life.

I am a little confused.... you had a new submersible pump installed AND you have a check valve topside ? The pump should have its own foot valve and a check valve up top should not be required or even desired.

The sprinkler system should be connect directly to the water line coming from the pump and pressure tank junction point. Before any filters or softener.

To me it sounds like you have a water supply problem or plugged filter.
Do you know the depth, capacity and recharge rate of your well ?
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Did the system ever work properly?

How many sprinkler heads are on each zone. Do the remaining sprinklers work correctly if you block the water flow out of some of them.

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