Well water storage tank

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Well water storage tank

I would like to know if I installed extra water storage tank beside the tank that's already in place would it help in not running out of water in home.Only run out when using washing machine.I know I need to drill new well but at the time can't afford one.If this can be done could I just pipe from well tank over to extra storage tank.I have already installed new pump but didn't help.Any advice would be appreciated.
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What you have in place is probably a pressure tank. Maybe a blue Wel-X-trol.
A second pressure tank will hold more water but it sounds like you have recovery issue.

The second tank may buy you slightly more more delivery on a cycle but recovery will still be slow.

Sometimes when people have slow delivery wells they'll add a water storage tank.... not a pressure tank. Then the well pump fills the tank but then you'd need a second pump to raise pressure from the storage tank to house pressure. This can get as costly as drilling a new well.
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A second pressure tank can give you more water but not as much as you think. If you overpump the well you weil get air in the water and the air will occupy some of the space in the pressure tank below the bladder reducing the amount of water that goes in.

The second tank should be connected directly to the water main line, not to the first tank.

More water will be obtainable if you have a two stage system, with two pumps. The first pump is in the well and delivers the water to a non-pressurized tank with some other means such as a float to turn off the pump when that tank is full. The non-pressurized tank must be open to outside air that provides makeup air to go in and out as that tank is filled bt the first pump and emptied by the second pump. Some additional sanitizing measures are needed so the makeup air does no lead to bacteria growth.
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A storage tank can help mitigate a low yield well. But it is not as simple as adding a second pressure tank. The storage tank is not pressurized. Instead, a second pump is added to supply water to the house when needed, drawing from the storage tank. When the level in the storage tank is below full, a controller on the well pump runs the well pump for a short period every X minutes until the storage tank is full again. How long the controller runs the well pump and how often it runs it has to be set based on the yield of your well. The timing is set so the well has time to recover between cycles so it never runs dry.

The effect is to spread the demand on the well to smaller draws over a long time, rather than one long, heavy draw during laundry time, for example.

Any well company would be familiar with such a setup and could help you size the tank and set up the control. Or you could DIY if you have the necessary skills.
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Is the current well not deep enough, and the pump is running dry until it overheats ?

Whoever suggested a new well would be a solution must have already discounted the idea of setting the current pump at a lower point in the well, or even drilling the current well deeper into the water table to provide you with a greater reserve capacity, and shorten (or eliminate) your recovery time.

How was the water shortage explained to you; or is your area just suffering seasonal drought conditions ?

I'm just leery about drilling an entirely new well as a solution.

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