Installing sump pump without installing weeping tile?

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Installing sump pump without installing weeping tile?

Can u install a sump pump to protect against leaks within the interior? Lets say water heater or washer is leaking, can u have a sump pump to avoid flooding ur basement?
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No.... it won't protect against leaks. If you had an unfinished basement with a sump pit.... you'd get very little water damage.

You'd have to have the water heater in a catch pan to keep from flooding the place. The sump pump would eventually pump water out but there would need to be a lot on a flat floor for the pump to actually be able to pump up.
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Most sump pumps need 6"-12" of water depth to trigger their float switch and turn the pump on. By that point you'd have significant damage. There are water alarms like this one that you can use to alert you immediately to a leak. You just set them at the base of the appliance like your water heater or clothes washer and if the contacts on the bottom of the little box get wet it sets off the alarm so you can quickly turn off the water.
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A sump pump with no weeping tiles would lower the water table only in a radius of a few feet from itself. The exact radius would depend on the porosity of the soil under the basement floor. You could get water seeping into the basement not only at the opposite corner from the sump pump but likelystarting halfway down the length and halfway down the width of the basement (assuming the pit is in one corner).

(Also the deeper the pit the greater the radius of protection from ground water all other things being equal.)

You could use a sump pump to get rid of water from a leaking water heater, etc. by putting a berm, perhaps a quarter inch high, on the floor around the water heater, etc. to channel any leakage to the sump pump pit if the basement floor did not naturally slant that way.

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