Pumping a Distribution box?


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Pumping a Distribution box?

It appears our distribution box is clogged or the inlets to our drain field is clogged. Should know more today.

My question is our septic man said instead of jetting our drain field lines he can suck them at the distribution box and that does a better job. I've never heard this before. has any one else?

this system is old. I have no clue how old. I know in 2010 a new 4in plastic drain line was installed from the house to the tank.

My other question is how does one go about figuring out where the drain field ends? I assume once the Distribution box is opened you can see how many line there are and what direction they go.
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If the pumper can get their hose into the lateral lines they can pump out what they can reach. But most suction hoses are quite large, inflexible and not very long so they usually can't reach much. A jetter's hose is much smaller and self propelled so it can usually be run down the entire length of a lateral.

The first step for finding out about your septic and leach field is your local Health or Environmental Services Dept. which may have a record of your system. The data is often not 100% accurate but it's a good place to start. After that a probing rod can be used to feel for and follow the lateral lines. Obviously it's much easier to do with shallower systems and almost impossible with deeply buried ones. There are also cameras that can be sent out into the lines. Some have transmitters that allow them to be located from the surface.
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This can be a can of worms once opened up.
If he's sucking out of the D box and water keeps rushing back into the box from the lines there may well be bigger issues at hand.
"Old" drain lines could be anything from Orangeburg pipe, terra cotta, I've even seen steel pipe used.
All at some point all are going to fail.
Very common issue to have leach fields fail over time,the soil loads up with gooey black biomass and can not absorb any more water.
jIf the field has failed Just cleaning out the tank and sucking out all the water out will only give you some time to figure out what to do.
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Tank was pumped yesterday. they ran a snake into it. I was amazed when it hit something you could hear it on the surface. They hit a couple bumps but got it to keep going, and then hit another bump further down. they had me dig. at about 2.5 feet down though dry clay I hit gravel, and then Terra Catta.

So my Drain field is old Hexagon shaped terra cotta pipe. We are thinking because of the way this on is running that it comes off the tank to a "T" or some sort of split.

The funny thing is about 3 years ago while digging a dry well in the yard about 200 feet away from this I found this same terra cotta. it smelled and had blackness to it. Smelled just like sewer. I figured it was an old old french drain because of where it was. it was no where near the septic tank and not anywhere you would have expected to find the drain field.

So tomorrow they are coming back and we are going to remove on Drain tile and run the snake in it both way to see what we can discover.

I would love for some one to come out and run a camera through it just to see where it all goes and how it looks. but I'm sure that is a pretty penny.
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