Would a 1/6 hp utility pump work as a sump pump?

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Would a 1/6 hp utility pump work as a sump pump?

I have large basement with 2 one third HP sump pumps in different locations but on the same circuit. During the summer I want to put a dehumidifier in the basement, on the same circuit. The circuit may have other stuff on it at times so I am worried about a potential breaker tripping. I am thinking I could replace one or both of the sump pumps with a 1/6 HP Little Giant Utility Pump with a diaphragm switch (to make them automatic).

Does this seem foolish for any reason? Would the 1/6 HP sump pump get clogged by debris like sand, dirt, or leaves that the 1/3 HP pump would not? Would Little Giant be reliable for this purpose? One potential problem I see is that while 1/6 HP pumps use half the power of 1/3 HP, they would have to run longer.

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If you are careful to have the sump clean so the utility pump doesn't clog then it should work.
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Just some additional thoughts..... you are considering replacing pretty high volume water movers with much lower output pumps. Will a reduced sized pump keep up with the demand in the rainy season ?

Just my personal opinion..... sump pumps should be on their own dedicated circuit.
This really is dependent on the amount of water you get. What happens if the circuit trips..... do you get flooded ?

What you could do is in the pit where you want to run the dehumidifier..... raise the 1/3hp up more from the bottom and put the smaller one lower so it handles the small amount of water from the humidifier.

Everything you do is dependent on the amount of water you get in the pits.
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If I were you, I will not make the change.

Here is why:
I have this 1/2 HP utility pump and use it to pump the water in the case I need to service the sump pump. It takes very long time before this pump can suck all the water out. For comparison, my zoeller M98 1/2 HP only takes several seconds.

In your case, you replace the sump pump with 1/6 HP, I can imagine that it will not be able to handle the water volume if you have a big rain.

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