Such thing as tank too big?

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Such thing as tank too big?

It seems to me the bigger the tank, the easier on the pump (less cycling). Is this true? I can't see how extended on times would hurt these pumps given they're sitting in cold water for their lifetime.
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It's the short cycling that hurts the pump.
A larger capacity tank will make more water available without frequent pump cycling.
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Regarding pressure tanks in well water systems. usually*, the larger the pressure tank the better.

If the only reason you are getting a new pressure tank is because you feel or someone told you that the old tank is too small, then you can leave the old tank connected and install the new tank, space availability being the only constraint or disadvantage.

* The rare exception: If the well lets the pump fill the older smaller tank but can be overdrawn, then the new larger pressure tank can cause the pump to suck air. Note that the air sucking problem (if per chance you have it) will still be there with the older smaller tank if your shower or washing machine cycle uses enough water to make the pump kick on twice in quick succession.

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It's probably a personal bias but I don't like the idea of drawing "old" water from the storage tank all day. I wouldn't install a tank any larger than 2X the recommended size.

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