Connecting 2 sump pumps


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Connecting 2 sump pumps


I currently have a sump pump installed, unfortunately it is in a bad spot. When I moved into the house, there was a shallow hole and a pedestal sump pump sticking out of it leaning against the wall and discharging into the sewer line. I corrected it by digging it out and putting in a submersible pump, that goes up and out of the house,

After a few months and realizing that the real issue is at a different spot (I live in area where water table is very high, and most basements in my neighborhood get flooded). The water after it gets into the basement does eventually get over to the sump pump, but that is after i have some good puddles going on.

I have now decided that I want to put another sump pump in at the spot where I notice most of the water coming in from. The question I have is this:

The second pump will be on an adjacent wall, which is about 10-15 feet from pump one to corner, and then from corner to new sump pump would be another 5 feet,

1.) Can I just run the pipe from pump 2 so that it pumps in to pump 1 and let pump one discharge
2.) Run pipe from pump 2 and connect to pump one discharge line (assuming I would need to add a "T" with check valves?
3.) Run a separate line from pump 2 over to where pump 1 goes out of the house and have a second line going out of the house.

I am an average DIYer, not very technical when it comes to this.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Welcome to the forums.

Dumping sump 2 into pit 1 is the least favorable method.
Installing a Y rather than a T with two check valves would be acceptable.
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A separate discharge pipe for each sump pump is best. The discharge pipe should not have significant nearly horizontal lengths that can hold water between pump cycles,, and the discharge should flow away from the house.

Often there is a nearly horizontal perimeter perforated drain pipe under the basement floor all around and just inside the foundation. Providing a connection from the perimeter drain to each pit will allow both pumps to turn on at the same time as needed. This drain pipe should already be connected to the middle of the first pit.

If you already have such a perforated drain pipe then you may wish to have it videoed and any clogs eliminated.

Ideally, for multiple pits, there should be a straight nearly horizontal 3 inch pipe from the bottom of one pit to the bottom of the next, except that the ground under the basement floor should not be carved below the level of the bottoms of the foundation footers* to provide a continuous trench for such a connecting pipe.

Before starting this sump pump project, fix any above ground drainage issues so water does not collect around the foundation. There should not have been a slight or pronounced ditch around the foundation perhaps filled with gravel or mulch. If there is, remove the gravel and/or mulch and refill with soil comparable to the rest of the lawn so as to slope away from the house.

* For every three inches away from the side of the foundation footer you can carve an addditional one inch down below the footing bottom, as if to imagine an imaginary gently sloping plane or surface down from the footer limiting how far down in the basement you can excavate.

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