Sump pump running every 5mins

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Sump pump running every 5mins

We had a new pump, check valve,all new discharge pipe and a broken section of discharge pipe outside the home replaced months ago. Im concerned and annoyed due to the pump running what seems like every 5mins everyday since the install. We haven't had rain in almost a week here and its still running. The well always water in it. Where as before I cant even remember hearing the pump in over 10 years and the well being bone dry. He also drilled the pumps weep hole to where its shooting out of the wooden pump cover thats now growing mold.

From what he told me our pump was installed over 20 years ago to remove the collection of water that builds up under the homes foundation. Is this normal for the pump to run this much? I also hear a little bubbling on the other side of the wall where the broken pipe was fixed when draining. When he replaced the broken pipe outside he had to run a section of pipe downwards into the broken piece due to the old discharge being pushed down so much from the weight of the dirt.

Is this normal for the pump to run this often everyday? If so is there something that can be done to stop the pump running as often as it is? Our backyard does collect a lot of water and at times there big area's of standing water that has no where to go. My instal thought was a french drain but I honestly have no idea. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I can also post pics of any of the things I mentioned.
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I suspect something is wrong/broken in the pumps outlet piping. You might be pumping the water in a circle.
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Where is the pump in relation to the incoming pipe?

If the pump is on the bottom of the pit then every time you get a small amount of water in there it pumps out then shuts off.

I have my pump on top of 3-4 flat patio stones so the water builds up through the drain tiles and then when it pumps its on for 10 minutes.

Pump run time is not an issue, it's the stop starts that kill pumps and switches!
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I recommend having the pump start when any of the fat pipes dumping in from the side is about half covered. Then for best results the pump should keep going until the pit is nearly empty.

If the water level rises and stops before the fat pipes are significantly covered the pump does not have to run.

Any storm drains nearby?
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Exactly where is the discharge located? Does it dump directly outside the house? Or does it go under ground 10 to 20 feet away? I'm think the same as Pilot Dane.
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something could amiss with the dishcarge piping. it should go outside the house and immediately dump into a 4" drain pipe (PVC or black corrugated) which then takes the water as far from the house as possible where it can drain down hill. the 4" pipe should NOT be perforated drain tile.

BUT there's something else not adding up... you say you have standing water in the yard but the previous pump didn't run in 10 years and the pit was dry?? that doesn't make sense. more likely the pit had water in it but it rarely got high enough to turn the pump on. now with your new pump the switch is lower in the pit so it runs often. there are various ways to change that if you don't like it.

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