Sump pit without pump... somewhat filled with water


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Sump pit without pump... somewhat filled with water

This forum is a great resource. Thanks for all your help!

I recently was checking out the basement in my sisterís home and noticed the sump pit had filled with water a few inches below the inlet pipes. When I checked in the past, it had at most 1-3 inches of water at the bottom. The inlet pipes were moist, but no water was entering the pit when I checked.

We have had a ton of rain in Connecticut the last few weeks. Wondering if itís time to put a pump in or if it should settle down once things dry up. The home was built in 2014. All areas of the yard are graded down away from the house. Downspouts are buried underground and travel pretty far away from the house.

Picture for reference... edit guess this forum doesnít allow photos


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use a hosting site such as IMGUR to post pics
For peace of mind I would put in a minimum 1/4 hp submersible pump. Up until now she has no significant water problem, but changes in climate or municipal planning or new home developments can change those things.
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Sump pumps also act as a safety valve for unexpected inside leaks, broken water lines washing machine hoses or overflowed showers. I've had all three so know they happen. Best to install a pump before a problem shows up.

As a side note my home owners insurance sent out a notice that they don't cover most water damage unless I add that coverage specifically. We will be talking in the near future as I always thought I was covered.

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This site doesn't allow hosting from all sites. Many have proven unreliable and can carry viruses.
You can post directly here...... How-to-insert-pictures.
Or.... let me know what site they're on and I can import them.

I've been noticing a lot of sump pits with water in them where there was none or little before.
I believe it has to do with all this rain we've been getting in the Northeast.
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All that counts is that the water does not seep through cracks and/or overflow the pit onto the floor.

If the water level in the pit rises to completely cover the fat pipes on the sides dumping in and you don't do anything about it, then the chances of water coming up onto the floor at the far side of the basement are somewhat greater than before.

When you have a pump that keeps the fat pipes at least half not submerged then the chances of water coming up onto the floor are greatly reduced.

When the water rises in the pit but stops before the fat pipes are half covered then it can stay that way without the pump running.
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Thanks all! We are getting more rain this week, so Iíll let her know to keep an eye on it.

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