Home Toilet Paper Dispenser Options

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When looking to a toilet paper dispenser for your new or existing bathroom, there are several important considerations to making the right decision for your bathroom.

Optimal Hand Reach Placement

Maximize the dispenser's usefulness by making sure it is properly located within easy reach. Do not to place it too high or to low, so as to make reaching for the paper an inconvenience. It is also important to not locate the dispenser too close to the toilet.

Plan for Storage

Consider storage possibilities. Some paper dispensers offer extra roll storage that is built into the dispenser. Typically, these apparatuses are designed as vertical rods that hold extra paper rolls with a dispensing arm mounted at the top. This type of toilet paper dispenser is a handy way to gain extra space in a small bathroom. It is also an alternative for someone who doesn't want to mount a dispenser to the wall.

Match the Overall Bathroom Design

When selecting a toilet paper dispenser, style definitely comes into play. Consider the other decor of the bathroom and find a dispenser that complements the overall style of the room. If other fixtures are silver toned metal, you probably want to get a silver toned toilet paper dispenser to maintain consistency. Toilet paper dispensers come in a variety of materials, ranging from copper to lucite.

Custom tile designs can be implemented if you are adding a tile splash or wainscot design to the bathroom. Look for prefabricated porcelain toilet paper dispensers, as well as other fixtures at your local tile source.

A novelty toilet paper dispensers may fill a special need or add a touch of whimsy to the space. Innovative designs include toilet paper dispensers with iPod docks to allow you to listen to your favorite music while you use the bathroom. Other handy designs include dual roll holding wall mounted dispensers that never leave you "short sheeted".

A toilet paper dispenser is an easy and inexpensive way to change the face of a bathroom. In a single shopping trip, you are sure to find a dispenser that suits your style and completes the look of your bathroom.