10 Advantages of Using a Chimney Balloon

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A chimney balloon is a balloon made of special heat reactive, durable material. Its purpose is to block the opening of a chimney that is not in use. If you do not regularly use your fireplace, a chimney balloon is an ideal way to stop chimney drafts and save energy. Here are some of the advantages of using a chimney balloon.

1 – Offers Flexibility

If a fireplace is dormant for a long time, homeowners look at options to block the chimney. One of the options available is closing the opening with bricks. This method has 3 disadvantages: it is costly, it does not allow ventilation and it is a permanent closure, which is not advisable if you ever want to use your fireplace again. Another option is to stuff the opening with paper. Paper is not a durable barrier and it also presents a fire hazard. A chimney balloon, on the other hand, is an easy, economical and durable solution.

2 – Prevents the Loss of Warm Air

If the chimney is open, warm air rises out of it and escapes your home. At the same time, cold air rushes in through the chimney. This causes heavy losses of expensive energy. A chimney balloon provides an effective barrier, which keeps the cold air out and the warm air indoors.

3 – Helps in Energy Conservation

By preventing the loss of heat and keeping the cold outdoors, a chimney balloon can help you save a lot of energy and money. In the summer, it will help keep your home cooler as well.

4 – Prevents Animals and Birds from Gaining Entry

Birds, animals and rodents often gain entry to your home through the chimney. Birds’ nests also present a fire hazard. A chimney balloon effectively stops these problems.

5 – Can be Reused Multiple Times

You can deflate the chimney balloon before you light a fire. Afterward, you can inflate it and put it back on. A chimney balloon is durable and can be reused many times for several years.

6 – High Safety

You must remember to remove the chimney balloon before you light a fire. However, even if you forget to do so, there is no danger of fire. This is because chimney balloons are made of a special material which makes them deflate and melt when in contact with heat.

7 – Available in Many Sizes and Shapes

Chimney balloons are available in different sizes and shapes, to accommodate different chimneys. By following the provided installation instructions, you can effectively block your chimney, no matter what type it is.

8 – Enables Ventilation

A chimney balloon allows some ventilation, thereby allowing the brick and mortar inside the chimney some air. This prevents condensation and moisture problems.

9 – Keeps out Dirt and Soot

Another major problem with open chimneys is that they let in dirt, soot and dust. A chimney balloon effectively keeps out all such materials, thereby keeping your home cleaner.

10 – Keeps out Noise

A chimney balloon is also effective in keeping out noise, so that your home is quieter at all times.