10 Different Applications for Polycarbonate Panels

Polycarbonate panels are pieces of extremely tough plastic material. Polycarbonate is shatter-proof, sound-proof and lasts for many years in environmentally challenging conditions. Polycarbonate panels have several advantages over glass and acrylic, because they are indestructible, lightweight and long lasting. Some of the many applications for polycarbonate panels are enlisted below.

1. Bullet Proof Windows

Polycarbonate panels are much stronger than glass or acrylic. This makes them ideal in security applications. Bulletproof windows for cars, banks and offices are made of tough polycarbonate panels.

2. Awnings and Roof Covers

Ultraviolet protection is an important factor to consider when installing covers over open areas. Polycarbonate panels offer superior ultraviolet ray blockage, while at the same time letting in light. These qualities make polycarbonate panels ideal for overhead covers such as awnings, roof glazing, patio covers and carports.

3. Advertisement Posters

Polycarbonate panels are resistant to environmental factors and harsh sunlight. They can last for many years out in the open and still look new. Because of these properties, polycarbonate panels are widely used in advertising, and most of the billboards and posters we see are made of this material.

4. Soundproof Walls

Sound-proofing is another significant advantage of polycarbonate panels. It is therefore widely used in the construction of walls and partitions in offices, government buildings and several other commercial or residential buildings.

5. Fences

Because of the indestructible nature of polycarbonate panels, they make ideal choices for tough fences, which can enhance the security of any property.

6. Riot Shields for Policemen

The toughness of polycarbonate panels also make them the material of choice for producing riot shields for policemen. These panels are shatter-proof in any circumstance, making it safer for people on both sides of the shield.

7. Greenhouses

Polycarbonate panels are ideal choices for greenhouses for various reasons. Their optical nature lets in as much sunlight as plants require, while at the same time keeping harmful ultraviolet rays out.

8. Windows

Polycarbonate panels are available in many shades and opacity. Most homeowners can find polycarbonate windows that are suited to their required style and preference. The other properties of polycarbonate panels such as ultraviolet blockage and superior toughness also make these panels great for windows. Polycarbonate windows protect your furniture from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays, while at the same time enhancing security.

9. Bank Enclosures

The need for security in banking institutions is no secret. Polycarbonate panels provide a secure covering for banks, both on the exterior and inside the building. The light weight of polycarbonate panels also results in easy installation, transport and handling. Typically, labor charges for polycarbonate installation are lower than that for glass.

10. Covers for Swimming Pools

Swimming pools greatly benefit with a polycarbonate cover, because of the protection from ultraviolet rays. This makes the swimming pool area safer for swimmers, and reduces the chances of sunburn and other complications from excessive exposure to the sun. Also, the superior resistance to weather factors makes the cover last for many years without damage or signs of yellowing.