10 Easy Indoor Smart Gardens

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Growing a garden can be both rewarding and relaxing, and while many types of fruit, vegetable, and herb gardens are grown outdoors, many can be cultivated indoors, too. Consider one of the following top smart garden kits to help get your green thumb motivated.

1. Smart Garden 3

Smart Garden 3

The Smart Garden 3 kit provides the opportunity to have fresh herbs year-round with little maintenance. Because herbs need sunlight and fresh water, the simplicity of this kit takes care of both of the plant's requirements. The kit features a planter that is self-watering, an attached LED grow light, and nutrient rich and pH balanced soil packed into three individual plant pods. Choose from over 50 seed selections or use your own.

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2. Smart Garden 9

Smart Garden 9

If you're looking for an indoor garden that can accommodate multiple plants and herbs all in one container, the Smart Garden 9 is a viable option. This kit has everything needed to start growing up to nine plants. Seed pods for green-leaf lettuce, basil, and cherry tomatoes in addition to the same self-watering system and grow light as the #3 smart kit are included.

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3. Modern Sprout Growhouse

Modern Sprout Growhouse

The convenience of the Modern Sprout Growhouse is its versatility. For homes with limited countertops or windowsills, the growhouse can be mounted on a wall using the hardware included with the kit. The growhouse is a good choice for growing herbs, lettuce, watercress, etc., and features an LED light, built-in timer, on/off switch, watertight base, and an app for customizing control. The growhouse can accommodate plants up to 4 inches tall.

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4. AeroGarden Harvest

AeroGarden Harvest

For a soil-free growing experience, the AeroGarden Harvest kit comes complete with an auto timer, LED lights, liquid plant food, and pre-seeded pods that include dill, curly parsley, mint, thyme, and Thai and Genovese basil. The container provides easy growing for flowers, vegetables, and greens as well as assorted herbs.

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5. Chef'n Microgreens Garden

microgreens in small smart garden

When fresh greens and herbs are part of your diet, there is no better way to get the "freshest" produce than growing your own with the Chef'n Microgreens Garden. Instead of growing full-size items that take a while to produce edible goods, the microgreens garden grows miniature versions, which take less time - as little as a week for some varieties - with few exceptions. The kit includes packets of organic seeds, soil, and complete instructions for growing multiple plant varieties. The best part of these—they're cheap.

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6. Back to the Roots Water Garden

Back to the Roots Water Garden

There's something fishy about the Back to the Roots Water Garden that makes this aquaponic garden worth the investment. The creative garden features a supply of wheatgrass and microgreens for a three-month period and a fish tank with a Beta fish included. The fish provides nutrients for plants and/or herbs growing in the container that sits atop the tank. Not only does the fish provide fertilizer but the tank is also self-cleaning, which makes this a convenient, all-in-one indoor garden. Back to the Roots also has an organic mushroom growing kit for those who want to add a few caps and stems to their favorite dishes.

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7. Hydrofarm Hydroponic Salad Garden

Hydrofarm Hydroponic Salad Garden

Convenient, easy to use, and minimal maintenance is what to expect with the Hydrofarm Hydroponic Salad Garden Box Kit. The countertop system uses no electricity or soil. It is designed with a wicking system to provide water and nutrients to each plant situated in one of the eight compartments. Use the garden to grow lettuce or other greens indoors with the support of a grow light.

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8. Mr. Stacky Smart Farm

Mr. Stacky Smart Farm

Vertical gardening is another option for gardeners with limited indoor space. The Mr. Stacky Smart Farm has a tower design with specially designed individual containers that sit one atop the other starting with the planter base. The self-watering aeroponic garden includes assorted non-GMO seeds, plant food, pH test kit, and a germination kit.

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9. Hydrofarm Hydroponic Megagarden Ebb & Flow System

Hydrofarm Hydroponic Megagarden Ebb & Flow System

Grow up to 15 plants, flowers, herbs, and vegetables at one time in the megagarden system. The hydroponic garden uses a timer to pump nutrients and water from the reservoir to the plant tray to promote growth. The kit includes plant nutrients, seed-starter cubes, and a pH test kit.

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10. SunBlaster Mini Greenhouse Kit

SunBlaster Mini Greenhouse Kit

Provide seeds with the environment they need flourish with the SunBlaster Mini Greenhouse Kit. Ideal for growing herbs and other plants, the kit includes a spacious tray to place small seed containers, a high-quality fluorescent light, reflector, and a humidity dome.

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